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Short Story - Legend Between Two Kingdoms

Author: xXIvyVineXx
Title: Legend Between Two Kingdoms
Length: 1,278
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G
Summary: A tale revolving around two very different kingdoms, telling of both their times of peace and war, as well as an alliance against a common and greater enemy that proves to weave a never to be forgotton legend.

Legend Between Two Kingdoms
         Once existed two kingdoms, both complete opposites yet somehow in harmony. The kingdom residing in the great, darkwood forest that was known for it’s lively, for lack of a better word, people. Many a nights would one be lulled into sleep by the constant hum of activity coming from the streets, only seeming to slightly fade with the waning hours of night, never to disappear completely. However, it is exactly that constant hum that made the people at peace. They were people of companionship, thriving off of those around them for their happiness.
         The other kingdom was that of the great and wide plains that was known for it’s calm and subdued air that surrounded its people. Far from that of the forest, it’s streets were not silent; however, they were never too loud, the hum of people just enough to let one know that people did indeed reside there. Though that would seem appallingly boring for any of those belonging to the forest, it was just the way those of the plains liked it, a whisper like the winds that swept over their lands. The winds served as a comfort for those of the plains, soothing their spirits and giving them peace of mind.

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