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Book Review: The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser [10 Dec 2017|03:43pm]
God thrusts us toward our destinies in unexpected ways.  However, the uncertainty of those unfamiliar circumstances can deepen our trust in Him.  For Annie Wood, that thrust came during a trip to America.

Ambition swells inside of Annie.  At a young age, she left her family farm to serve an aristocratic family, hoping to eventually become a lady’s maid.  That dream ended, when during a trip to America, the upper maids took credit for her embroidery skills and deliberately got her in trouble.  Annie had dreamed of becoming a lady’s maid for the Kidds when she left her family to enter service.  That betrayal was one of a series of ruthlessness Annie decided to no longer tolerate.  She resolves to create a better life for herself instead of letting others determine her future. As a result, Annie and her American friends dared to leave their employers and ventured into the bustling City of New York without shelter or employment.  But the excitement wanes when she is betrayed by other maids of the family she serves.  Annie fulfills her goal of becoming a shop clerk at Macy’s, where she realizes her talents and finds romance.

With her new friends, Annie pursues her new ambition of becoming a shop clerk at Macy’s.  While establishing her career, she discovers her talent for fashion design.  Along the way, she meets Sean Culver, who helps her understand that God connects people and puts one in certain situations for a reason.  Her landlord Edna Holmquist teaches Annie about the power of prayer.  Her relationship with God deepens as she witnesses how quickly He answers her prayers.  Annie is uncertain that a Supreme Being who can make magic exists.  Sean becomes more than her lover; he becomes her spiritual coach.
Anchored in her renewed faith, Annie becomes more attune to His directions, allowing her to develop a trustworthy inner circle and venture into new opportunities.

The Pattern Artist is an inspiring novel that uses characters in plausible situations who develop spiritually and emotionally.  They teach about the power of prayer and how adversity can be advantageous as one learns whom to trust and relies more on God.
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Book Review: Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry [29 Oct 2017|10:19pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry
The “white-blood disease” is ravaging Victorian England.  Thus far, the disease is incurable.  However, brothers Dr. Magnus Rand and chemist Hamilton Rand will stop at nothing to find a cure.  In their insanity, they purchase three young siblings Charlie, Maggie, and Mike to use as subjects for a risky experiment that could advance medical treatment or commit them to the gallows for murder.
Nurse Hester Monk happens upon their inhumane trial while treating one of the brothers’ patients.  She is even more appalled to discover that Charlie, Maggie, and Mike are dying from the brothers’ obsession.  Before Hester can expose the Rands, Magnus and Hamilton kidnap and hold her hostage.  William Monk, her husband and commander of the Thames River Police, frantically searches London for Hester.  Their investigation leads them to a hastily constructed cemetery for victims of the Rands’ clinical trials.  Monk and his team must find Hester before she becomes the next victim.

Filled with suspense, Corridors of the Night takes readers through a graphic novel about two men obsessed with finding a cure whether for their benefit or for the benefit of society.  As in her other novels, Perry explores psychological triggers behind human behavior to create multi-faceted characters while still reminding readers of the difference between right and wrong.

Cassandra Wolf wrote Celtic Warriors, a Christian historical fiction/romance novella, which can be purchased at:

Amazon (U.S.): https://www.amazon.com/Celtic-Warriors-Cassandra-Wolf-ebook/dp/B06Y4YM68F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495601159&sr=8-1&keywords=Celtic+warriors%2C+Cassandra
Amazon (U.K.): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celtic-Warriors-Cassandra-Wolf-ebook/dp/B06Y4YM68F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495601319&sr=8-1&keywords=celtic+warrior%2C+cassandra
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/celtic-warriors-cassandra-wolf/1126166145?ean=9780692862544
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/celtic-warriors/id1222941527?mt=11
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/celtic-warriors-1
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My Greenest Adventure Part 39 (Co-starring Curse, again) [09 Oct 2017|01:02pm]


We hit the library doing 85 miles an hour. "Our miles," she whispered, the thick smell of exhaust on her breath. She had already repaired everything. One fender, one tire, one dashboard lightbulb replaced and we were good to go again. We let the windshield remain shattered so the wind could ride shotgun.

Curse came out the front door and hissed at us through a mouthful of maggots. "What in the living fuck are you two doing?" Her finger pointed at us like a snake ready to strike.

"Sorry babe," I said, shifting into reverse. I tried to sound cool and swaggery, but my voice couldn't hide the sincerity of my apology. "I'm 39 years old and I forgot how to handle a muscle car. And oh boy, this lady got THICC muscles."

Curse struck her snakefinger like a match against the crumbling brick and lit a Kool. I reflected that all of the ladies in my life, the truly beloved, smoke in one way or another. "T.H.I.C.C.," she pondered, "Try helping immobilized creatures communicate."

"Thanks for the advice," I shouted, peeling rubber out of the library parking lot. I worried about what I had done to the library, but the worry dissolved when I saw Curse in the rearview mirror. She had already repaired everything.

And we were off again. We cruised among the green, the thick green, where the older dogs gather around the fire hydrants wagging tails and swapping tales of escaping squirrels and misspent puppyhoods. We drove slow, because I've seen a Staffordshire Terrier get hit by a bad driver once. His skull split and green goo came out. I never want to see that kind of green again.

"Hey there, big guy," barked the Old Timer, "Ya got any steaks?"
She pulled to a stop and I got out, holding a bagful of something wet and red. "C'mon, Old Timer. I thought you were some hippy-dippy nature worshipper now."

Old Timer coughed and scratched his ear with an arthritic back leg. "Boy, Mother Nature eats meat and drinks blood by the toiletbowlfull. Now you gonna be generous with those tenderloins, or do I gotta give you a grand tour of my last remaining teeth?"
The other dogs looked at me. I can't always read dog faces. Were they suspicious? Anxious? Or just hungry? I tossed the bag to the pack, and as one, they bore down upon it like a wounded zebra in the Serengeti.

"Now listen," I said in my best Dog Trainer voice, "you all need to share those, and-"

Old Timer grinned a bloody grin, two yellowed teeth in the front. "No, no big guy. We don't 'share'. We S.H.A.R.E. Ya dig?"
I pondered, then said, "Only for bones, friend."

"Good boy", he replied.

We laughed and ate together until nightfall. Then, we howled.

Behind us, in the forest, an engine revved, and a pair of headlights came on like twin moons hunting together in the deep jungle.

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Book Review: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier [02 Oct 2017|08:02am]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
People say love is blind and makes one do crazy things.  In fact, Ambrose Ashley warned his younger cousin Philip, “See what a moment of passion can bring upon a fellow.”  Alas, Ambrose and, later, Philip failed to heed his warning.

Ambrose married a widowed Rachel Sangalletti.  Philip resented Rachel for stealing every ounce of attention he had received from the man who raised him.  Furthermore, the marriage kept Ambrose far away in Italy.  Suddenly, Ambrose died from a sudden illness, leaving Philip as his sole heir.

Before long, Rachel pays her cousin a visit.  No one knows much about Rachel, but her presence ignites suspicion among the residents of Cornwall.  They suspect she not the grieving widow but, instead, a greedy, cold-hearted woman.  Despite warnings from his closest connections, Philip is enthralled by Rachel and gives up everything he owns for her love.  Eventually, Philip realizes he might have made a fatal error and tries to redeem himself before all is lost.

Beginning with Chapter One, readers are lured into a mysterious, somber atmosphere that foreshadows the end.  Then, the plethora of imagery gives readers a taste of the English and Italian countrysides.  Ironically, the isolated, frigid English countryside is warm in that its residents are close-knit; whereas, the warm, colorful Italian countryside is oppressive and filled with questionable characters.  The attraction to this tale continues when passion ignites and sound judgement is cast aside as a foolish heir embarks on his first romantic foray.        
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The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen [20 Aug 2017|08:38pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen

Thank you, Mrs. Julia Wilson, for sharing this book at your blog http://www.christianbookaholic.com.

The Innkeeper is an inspiring story of brave women who overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to provide for themselves. Jane Bell, in particular, relies on God to save the inn she assumed after her husband past away.

The story starts one year after Mr. Bell died. Jane is reluctant to oversee the inn for which she never cared much. Besides, she felt unqualified, never having operated a business. Eventually, the reality of having nowhere else to live convinces Jane to keep her livelihood. As Jane becomes comfortable in her new role, she is shocked to learn that a 15,000-pound loan taken against the inn is due. She is even more disturbed to learn that her late husband borrowed the money, and that the inn is not generating income. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law Thora moves into the inn. Both women must overlook their differences and work together to save the inn, as other unpleasant surprises threaten to defeat them. But, gathering much-needed support from their staff and connections also proves difficult.

Read more...Collapse )
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The Hole [04 Aug 2017|11:00pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Looking up, I see a bright light. After many years millennia in the dark, the sight is a glorious one. The whiteness fills my vision, and I can see my surroundings once more. It is not a pretty sight, however. Bodies of humans and animals alike litter the ground where I stand. At the edge of the light, there is more darkness. I wonder what lies in it. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and try to focus on the scene in front of me. Right. The light. Above me, where there once was solid bedrock, there is a hole. It is a small hole, but it's very powerful. After all, if one hole forms, more holes might start forming. And eventually, if I'm even still alive by then, there will be an enormous hole, big enough to fill the whole cavern with light, but more importantly, big enough for me to escape. I've been in this cave for a long while, and I've certainly shrunk in size. The hole doesn't need to be very big, just big enough to fit a small person like myself. When I escape, I will reunite with my dear brother, if he is still alive. He's a smart man, he's probably been able to survive this long. We'll find a place to live in peace for all eternity, just him and me and all the light of the sun to guide us. But, fantasizing about the future doesn't do me any good. For now, I'll wait ever so patiently for the bedrock to deteriorate.

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Military Dystopia [28 Jun 2017|10:26am]

Hello, everyone.

I'm currently writing a military dystopia, with themes of restricted freedom and violence. If you want to check it out, it's here.

Summary: War is raging in the 22nd century, and military leaders occupy government positions. Gunn is a PoW, with a twisted history, whose life takes a dangerous turn when the daughter of his nemesis makes an appearence.   
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Coming Up Short [29 May 2017|03:06am]

"I've always been short." Mr. Waters stated the obvious as he stood at my counter one day. " Go figure, “I replied nonchalantly.  I wasn't in the talking mood. One of my regulars hadn't shown up in a while and to say the least, I was a tad bit worried. You see I had sold her a hat umbrella that... " No. I mean I've always come up short in life, also. I hear this lil shop has some items that can do magical things.?" Mr. Waters eyebrows rose slightly as he cut my train of thought off with this statement.  I cocked my head to the side to show him that I did not understand. I think he got the hint because he went ahead with what he was saying. He cleared his throat. "Anyways, do you have anything that can make me more attractive?" We don't sell cosmetics here. Most of our items are used. That would be gross. This time it was my turn to cut him off. "I'm sorry, I sell whatnots and such, ya know stuff people want to get rid of and stuff people might not usually see in a store. I might have a pretty unique hat if you like, though. I find it quite handsome myself." Mr. Walters didn't look pleased but when I brought the hat out a smile came across his face. It was a brown, plaid Kangol and compared to Mr. Walters balding head it was just spiffy. He grabbed it like a hungry fat kid grabbing chocolate cake, I swear! " Well thank ya, Ms. Emily. I'll definitely use this on my date." He gave me an award-winning grin. " Just call me Emily, OK. Ya going on a date? How nice." I tried to make small talk. While he dug in his pocket for the five dollars for the hat.  " Yup, the first one in years. It's a blind date and I wanna be taller."

A few days later I was reading the news about a young woman that was thrown to her death from a roller coaster. (Tragic things alway happen that way.) Just as I was thinking this, Mr. Waters came in with his Kangol hat in hand. I asked, " How can I help you this time Mr. Waters? Ya looking to return that hat? Was it not to your liking?" "Oh, nothing’s wrong with my hat I just stopped by to chat. I remembered the sign outside said ya was interested in stories of your items. So I figured I'd drop in." He spat this out in such a rush that I thought for sure something is up. He sat down on the brown sofa I had placed in the front window display. It's where all my returning customers sit. He had a kinda anxious look on his face. "Something happened Mr. Waters?" He replied slower than before. "Well, yeah, actually. Ya know how I bought this hat for my date? Well, something bad happened." "Oh no, don't tell me that she didn't like it!" I spat out, almost literally. I felt bad for the guy. "Well, no. It's not the hat that she didn't like. She didn't like me. She said I was too short, stocky and I made her feel like she was taking her little brother to the amusement park. I thought this hat was supposed to make me taller. Why didn't it..."

His reply almost made me jump up in my defense. I don't make enough for a lawsuit. So, you can understand my reply coming off a little offensive. "Wait, wait, wait. You thought what? Oh no, Mr. Waters. How can a hat make you taller? That is scientifically impossible." I wasn't trying to be rude but I felt a bit perturbed by now. If he thought he could sue me for his failed date he had another thing coming. All I did was sell him a hat after all. " I thought that was the reason you suggested this hat in the first place I did tell you I have always been short after all", He replied. I was completely confused by this point. Shutting my eyes and pinching the bridge of my noise I replied, " Why don't we start from the top. You bought the hat to make you taller, which by the way is not why I sold it to you. It didn't make you taller of course and your date failed. So, what did I miss? What happened in between?" I was anxious to get to the bottom of this. So, I sat back down as Mr. Walters started his story.

"Well, I did buy the hat so that I can get taller and impress my blind date and as you said that did not work. We were supposed to go the amusement park because in her online profile she said her perfect date would be at an amusement park like in kdramas." (Ok, so his date came from a dating site. I can deal. No judging here.) "Well, when I picked her up she looked shocked but then she was really sweet to me. We went to get ice cream, I took pictures and we even rode a few rides. Everything seemed to be going great. I thought it really was going to work. So, it was getting late and we were heading for the roller coasters. I've always had trouble getting on a roller coaster because I'm so short, ya know." (I didn't care to think about it but now that he's mentioned it...) I nod my head in understanding. " Well, I was hoping this hat worked to make me just a few inches taller. All I need is 3 inches." "Well, you could have taken my ten-gallon hat," I said not wanting to be just sitting there looking like I wasn't listening. He shook his head, " Uh, no. They make you take off your hat." "Oh." (I knew that.) He continued. “So, yeah. When we got to the roller coaster they wouldn't let me on because I was too short. But, she really wanted to go so I told her to go ahead without me. She went three times. It looked like she really enjoyed herself. Anyways, at the end of the ride, we decided to head home because it was so late. I pulled up to her house and I told her I had a great time. I was about to ask her if she would like to see each other again but before I could get a word out she told me that she had a good time too but she didn't feel right seeing someone so short. She said it felt like she was taking her little brother to the amusement park." His face was a little flushed by now and I felt a bit embarrassed for him so I didn't look directly at him. Instead, I focused on the grandfather clock with the two large boxing gloves on the top of it.

He continued yet again, " I was so torn up about it, that is until I got home. I saw it on the news. A lady was thrown off the same roller coaster I was not able to get on!" (I remember seeing that myself just before he came in.) Not noticing the look of me slipping off in thought, he continued. " I felt so bad. While I'm mopping around because some girl I didn't even know didn't like that I'm short another person was tall enough to get thrown off the same rollercoaster I wanted to ride and die! That could have been me!" By now he was almost yelling. And that was all it took to draw my attention back to what we were talking about. I was still lost as to what he was getting at but the excitement in his voice told me I was far from being sued. I guess he just needed someone to talk to. I interrupted his climaxing rage in an attempt to bring him back down. "Ya know a short man once told me that if you stand on your hands for 15 minutes you can get a half inch taller each day. You might try that instead." He started chuckling at my little joke. I'm not sure he got it. " Nope Ms. Emily, I think I'll just stay the size I am right now. It seems to fit me perfectly. Thank you for the hat by the way. That's all I wanted to say. I just needed to thank you for letting me see that." He swiftly got up that grin that could win a prize looking as cute as a cherub and strolled out of my shop. Just like that, I still have no idea what he was talking about. But I wonder what happened to that girl with the umbrella.

I interrupted his climaxing rage in an attempt to bring him back down. Literally, he was standing on the sofa like King Kong. "Ya know a short man once told me that if you stand on your hands for 15 minutes you can get a half inch taller each day. You might try that instead." He started chuckling at my little joke. I'm not sure he got it. " Nope Ms. Emily, I think I'll just stay the size I am right now. It seems to fit me perfectly. Thank you for the hat by the way. That's all I wanted to say. I just needed to thank you for letting me see that." He swiftly got up with that grin that could win a prize looking as cute as a cherub and strolled out of my shop. Just like that, I still have no idea what he was talking about. But I wonder what happened to that girl with the umbrella. She was a bit of an airhead and the hat could be a hazard to her if the top of it got caught on something.

Note to reader: The ( ) is for thought patterns that are not spoken out loud. I know that's not what its usually used for but don't judge me.

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Told'chu so! [29 May 2017|03:02am]
[ mood | like writing at 3am ]

A short guy once told me that if you stand on your head you can grow taller. Did I mention that he is short, like really short? Lol. It’s funny how people will tell you how to succeed when their little trick hasn’t worked for them. Hi, my name is Emily and I own This Little Corner. It’s a small shop that sells whatnots. You know those things people buy because they have no clue how else to spend their money, or they are looking for inspiration for their otherwise drab life or maybe they are looking for something other than themselves to blame for all the troubles in their life. Yup, that’s what I sell, solutions to your problems. I’ve encountered very interesting stories and have all the time in the world to share them, nothing ever happens here anyways. So, pull up a chair and let’s chat.

Once upon a time, no I’m just playing. But really, this story does start quite some time ago. It actually has nothing to do with my shop but I thought it would be a good parting story. My uncle had a habit of telling me it whenever he could. I thought it was a great story so I put it on my blog. Well, wanna hear it?

It all started with this little boy named Billy. He was your normal kid. You know, mischievous, adventurous and curious about everything. A cute cocky little thing. He loved his mama very much and always obeyed her. I mean this kid really loved his mama. No matter what she told him to do he did it. “ Billy you don’t forget to do your homework before you go out to play.” “Yes mama.” “Billy, take out the trash and don’t forget to put the milk out for the neighbor’s cat. They’re out of town you know.” “Yes, mama.” “Oh, Billy, I heard some of the kids were going over to that old house on the hill and throwing rocks at the window. I don’t wanna hear bout chu doing anything like that you hear? I know I would be upset if someone destroyed or vandalized my house. Besides, it gives me the creeps. Don’t even go there, ya hear?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Your such a good boy.” And he was. More obedient and respectful than most. A well-mannered kid.

Well as he grew up and started to get that little hair on his chin and thinking he’s all grown and stuff, thoughts popped into his head that maybe his mama was just worrying too much. His life was his own and she wasn’t letting him live it to the fullest. You know, teenage stuff. He started disobeying and ignoring his mama more and more.  Starting with a car.

“Now Billy I know you want something fast like your friends but I’d wish you would spend your money more wisely. Buy a car that you can take with you to college. Foreign cars cost a lot to repair when they break down.” “ Billy that fast little girl that just moved here, don’t you talk to her, now you hear. She a fast little thing and wouldn’t make a proper wife. I don’t like her, ya hear?” “Billy if nothing else please finish college. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and you can do anything with an education.”

Of course, Billy bought that fast car because everyone else was doing it. He married that skank ass girl, pardon my French, because, “I love her mama.” And, because his wife wanted all the expensive things in life, he dropped out of college and started working three jobs. His fast car that was not that many years old broke down and was too expensive to get fixed, especially since he had to buy his wife a car of her own and had no more money left for repairs. By now you must be thinking lil Billy’s life has really started to go downhill. Well yeah. His wife divorced him for another man and took a large sum of his finances with her, she claimed he neglected her by not being home and she was lonely. Of course, he wasn’t home because he had to work three jobs. She took the car, the kids, and the house too. His mother died shortly after that.

Billy was hella torn up, let me tell ya. Everything worked for was gone and even his mama. He missed her the most. Just when he was thinking this the view of the old house his mama told him not to go into came into view. Now we all know that Billy used to be a very obedient kid but over the years he had developed a habit of disobeying his mama and you know there’s a saying, Habits are had to break. Well, Billy saw this house and of curiosity of his childhood started to creep up his spine. Something about that house seemed to haunt him. Some bad funky memory, like a small nagging that wouldn’t stop. “Now mama did say not to go near this place but that was when I was a child. I’m 23 now. I’m all grown, Nothing will happen to me. Just one quick look around and I’ll be out.”

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would  a grown ass man break into an old abandoned house?” I don’t know. Ask all the grown ass people who do it. Now back to the story.

The gate was slightly open so all Billy had to do was open it a little bit more and squeeze through. Easy-peasy. It wasn’t like he was a big guy anyways.Now that he was in the front yard the place didn’t look quite as scary. The mailbox by the door was stuffed with mail, mostly the towns journal. A flower bed lined the front porch and even a cute little wind chime hung from the roofing. And Billy thought since there was mail that means someone had to be brave enough to have come close to this place which means it can’t be that bad. “Maybe it’s not as haunted as everybody said,” Billy remembered when he was little a couple of towns kids came up missing and everyone blamed it on the house on the hill. “But those were rumors and those boys were always into trouble. Anything could have happened to them.” Told you so! A very faint voice stopped Billy in his tracks, literally. He listened for more voices but only got the sound of the wind chimes. Coming to the conclusion that it was only the wind, he decided to keep going. By now he had crossed the yard, which upon looking back, appeared hella bigger than it did when he first started. Turning back around he found the door that stood a few steps in front of him was actually quite pleasant to look upon. Large brown door with gold detail. It was almost inviting. He took another step. Told chu so! Chills went down  Billy’s spine and curiosity followed. After a few looks around this way and that way, he finally decided it was just his fear getting to him or somebody playing a joke. Either way, he was not going to turn back now. “Come on Billy get a grip. You’re not a kid anymore. Grow a pair already. One more step, run in and run out. That will be good enough.” One more step. Told chu so! “OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!” Screaming like a girl, Billy ran right into that house without thinking. Actually, he might have thought the front gate was way too far away since the distance seemed to grow the further away he was. But now that he was inside all he could do was sit against the door, face forward in awe. The house was massive from the inside and even more magnificent. It didn’t look like a house that no one lived in, it was sparkling. He stood in a large oval foyer with two large pillars detailed in gold. A crystal chandelier pointing straight down to a circle design in the middle of the floor. A very strange design. It seemed almost alive. Billy touched the outer edge, nothing happened. Just a cold stone floor. The door slammed shut behind him. Billy spun around surprised, he was sure he had shut the door already. Now, he was really scared and he wasn’t going to deny it. He took a few steps back, looked around trying to figure out what to do. That’s when he heard it, Told chu so! Told chu so! Told chu so! Getting louder and louder. Billy spun around and started running for his life like it was nobody’s business but after a few good thrusts forward he realized he wasn’t going anywhere because the magnificent house he was just admiring was all gone and Billy was slowly falling. Looking up he realized what was so strange about that drawing in the middle of the floor, it was the shape of an open mouth with jagged teeth. That mouth had Billy in it as a million voices cried out, Told chu so! Told chu so! Told chu so! Told chu so! TOLD CHU SOOOO! Billy cried for help, he cried for forgiveness, he cried for his mama.

Outside three little boys stood in front of the house. “Did you guys hear that? It sounded like it came from the house.”

“Stop being a pussy Billy, you gone go in there or not?”, one of the boys chided.

“I don’t know you guys, my mama told me not to.”

“Billy’s a mama’s boy. He scared yo, let’s let his pussy ass go back to clean up his panties.”, the other boy added.

“ I don’t care what ya’ll say. My mama don’t want me to do it so I ain’t gonna, ever!” Those boys were never seen again and lil Billy ran back home to his mama that he loved and obeyed to the fullest.

Ya want me to tell you another story?

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Beyond The Door [18 May 2017|04:34pm]

I touch the door handle

I feel the electricity flow through my fingers, numbing me.

Something powerful

Something amazing

Something terrible is beyond the door

I brush away the vines hovering over it

The heaviness creaks as I pull it open

Finally a light overtakes my eyes

And I stand in awe

Something powerful

Something amazing

Something terrible is beyond the door
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Book Review: Icing by Debra Sue Brice [12 May 2017|08:06pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at post
Denie Shaw considers her life settled.  She has a wonderful group of family and friends, and she has a successful cupcake store.  The only thing Denie refuses to admit missing is a fulfilling personal life.  After three disastrous relationships, Denie had resolved to never again get involved with a man.  However, an unexpected meeting with her crush, ice hockey star Tom Billingsly unearths emotions that thrust Denie into a tailspin of whether to let God unfold His plan or hide behind the fear entrenched in her heart.

Icing is a reminder that God has a future for each of us that exceeds our expectations, and that adhering to Christian principles yields a more satisfying life in the long-term.  To experience His grace, one must unconditionally trust Him and accept His will.  Trusting God unconditionally requires strength that must be developed and continuously maintained.  Throughout the book, Denie prays to God for guidance and thanks Him for blessing her.  Only by being faithful to Christian principles could Denie understand how past troubles prepared her for a new phase in life.  As a result, she learned completely trust God regardless of the circumstances.
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Book Review: 20 Short Ones by Dan Salerno [12 May 2017|11:02am]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: 20 Short Ones by Dan Salerno
God thrusts us out of our comfort zone in unexpected ways.  One reason for this upheaval is to remind us we are not alone in our suffering.  There is someone, whether a friend or a romantic partner, who can help us out of despair, if we allow that person to enter our lives, and, if we accept that guidance.

Each story features two main characters.  One character is struggling to resolve a troubled past, whether from a crisis of faith, a disastrous relationship, a disappointing career, or a childhood trauma, but found solace in dialogue with an unexpected acquaintance.  Despite having different religious or economic backgrounds, each “pair” found enough similarities to maintain an extended, insightful, life-changing conversation.  Furthermore, each brave soul risks rejection by approaching the other person, though he or she may have had a painful experiences with similar attempts.  Had the brave soul remained fearful of rejection, he or she would have dwelt in the pit of ambivalence over possible outcomes with that person and forsaken joy from a meaningful human connection.

Both parties must willingly participate in the opportunity God gave them to emerge from their shells and into a world of happiness.  Conversations can be therapeutic and sow personal bonds that unite people.  Though not all encounters lead to healthy relationships, whether as friends or lovers, the lessons learned from those disappointments can help us avoid similar episodes.  In fact, comparisons between past and present experiences aid readers and the characters discerning whether an encounter will lead to a meaningful human connection.  Fortunately, the characters are smart enough to learn from their pasts.  They also knew when to venture into questionable territory.  Otherwise, they would have continued along the same dreary path and remained isolated.
Overall, 20 Short Ones is an uplifting collection that proves God will rescue us from loneliness, despair, and tragedy.  20 Short Ones also triggers hope in finding someone special; surviving a tough workday; letting go of a failed relationship; and, overcoming childhood trauma are possible.  Accurate insights into human nature give each story and lesson credibility. 
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Book Review: Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta [22 Apr 2017|04:58pm]
In her debut novel, Leotta introduces the world to Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis.

As a federal prosecutor, Curtis had seen numerous domestic violence cases, but none affected her like that of Laprea Johnson.  First, Curtis is devastated after Johnson lies to have her abusive boyfriend D’marco Davis released, after vehemently seeking his incarceration.  Second, the case reaches a climax after Johnson is found dead in a trash heap.  Curtis has another opportunity to ensure justice is served for Johnson when she is assigned to work with senior U.S. Attorney Jack Bailey on the murder trial.  Despite a plethora of evidence to secure a conviction, Curtis’ instincts tell her something about the case is amiss.

Eventually, the turmoil in Curtis’ personal life causes her to comprehend why Johnson, along with other victims of domestic violence reunite with their partners.  Before the domestic violence trial, Curtis had gotten involved with law school classmate Nick Wagner, who represents Davis.  The relationship deteriorates, as neither can separate their personal and professional lives.  Meanwhile, Curtis finds herself attracted even more to another attorney at work.

Furthermore, both cases present an opportunity for Curtis to avenge the domestic violence she witnessed as a child.  Curtis is constantly fraught with guilt about her past and tries to make amends by successfully prosecuting perpetrators of domestic violence.

Suspense permeates each page, keeping readers focused on finding out who killed Johnson, the killer will be brought to justice, and whether Curtis will find true love.  Being a former federal prosecutor allows Leotta to make the novel insightful in two ways.  One, Leotta, uses her experience to educate readers about how domestic violence kills, damages lives, and separate families.  Two, Leotta provides clear explanations of legal procedures and ethical obligations lawyers must follow make this novel understandable to readers who are unfamiliar with the legal profession.  Lawyers can still identify with Curtis through their experiences.
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Hello [10 Apr 2017|04:54pm]
I just joined this community. I  am starting work on a couple of projects and hope to find some livejournal support to get me through them. If you are a writer who loves to read other people's work and provide coaching and feedback please add me as a friend.
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Book Review: The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick [19 Mar 2017|08:55pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick
Biblical stories come to life through ordinary people and are analyzed in The Divine Invasion.  As in other novels by Dick, the male protagonists struggle to understand two realities until they achieve enlightenment.  They also struggle to apply Scripture in real life.  The female protagonists are omniscient and guide their male counterparts to enlightenment.  Unlike his other novels, Dick has each character represent a biblical figure and is more upfront about theology through dialogue.
In The Divine Invasion, God was born on Earth as Emmanuel, sometimes called Manny, to a virgin Rybys Rommey-Asher and her husband Herb Asher.  With the help of his kindred spirit Zina, Emmanuel tries to remember his past and save mankind from the evil goat.   
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Introduction, Sharing a Recent Piece & Inviting Critique [05 Mar 2017|02:08pm]

Title: Shackled Wrists - Chapter 01
Author: Sychronergy
Pairing/Genre: M/M slash romance, fantasy, politics, master/slave themes
Rating: Nothing explicit, but language and adult themes are presented
Summary: On the cusp of a war between humans and demons, an exiled demon is cheated and enslaved by a human prince who owes him his soul.

Hello to this wonderful community! I just joined today after joining/beginning to use Live Journal not too long ago. I really hope to meet some lovely fellow writers, open  my eyes to some new writing techniques, maybe get some good book recs/get inspired and read some other works :)
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SuperCat Fanfics [07 Jan 2017|01:25am]

Title: Falling
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Plot: Cat Grant is falling, falling, falling, fallen for Kara Danvers.
Status: Complete

Title: The Origins of Love
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: "I'm so scared of you."
Status: Complete

Title: Where Have You Gone
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Cat Grant went missing and after Supergirl found her nobody could have dreamed of what she had been put through, what caused her to lose her memory. Now as they try and piece together what happened Cat and Kara grow closer. And so does danger.
Status: Ongoing

Title: Courage, Dear Heart
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Kara paints Cat when she misses her and it always seems to rain when Cat cries.
Status: Complete

Title: Cat
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff/Angst/AU
Plot: Some people change your life forever. (Carol AU)
Status: Ongoing

Title: I'm Christmas-ing With You
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Prompt 1 for @SunniHolliday, Kryptonian Christmas. Cat and Kara aren't the biggest fans of the holiday Christmas but they might start to like it if they spend it with each other.
Status: Complete

Cross Posted To: cat_x_kara
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Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne [12 Dec 2016|03:29pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
A new sea creature captured international attention.  Academics, seamen, and mystics, among other professionals drew conjectures about the identity of their obsession.  Professor Pierre Aronnax determined the creature was an unusually large sea mammal.  Yet, he could not resist the opportunity to verify his conclusion.  Hence, he boarded the Abraham Lincoln with a large crew, including his assistant Conseil and renowned harpooner Ned Land.  The crew is discouraged after many uneventful nights, until they saw an enormous dark object surrounded by fluorescent light.     Captain Farragut ordered his livid crew to seize the long creature.  A chase ensues.  That even Land cannot penetrate with his harpoon, proving their objective is not a mammal.  Eventually, the Abraham Lincoln proved victorious but at a great cost, as Aronnax, Conseil, and Land were abandoned in dangerous waters.  Yet, the excitement just started, as subsequent adventures exceeded their imaginations.

The three men awoke to find themselves inside their objective and learn they are captives of a submarine led by Captain Nemo.  Nemo give them a tour of the Nautilus and provides for his prisoners.  But, he threatened them with execution if they attempted an escape.

The novel prison, the submarine life, and the mysterious personality of Nemo fascinated Aronnax.  Aronnax made copious notes of his internal and external surroundings, which shows Verne possessed considerable knowledge regarding physics plus aquatic life.  These details also reinforced the erudite personality of Aronnax.  The prisoners enjoyed excursions on land in Antarctica, and in Southeast Asia.  Otherwise, they travelled around the world underwater.  After several months of captivity, only Land openly tired of his circumstances.  Still, all three agreed to escape at the first opportunity.

Irony permeates the pages of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  First, Nemo, who condemned his oppressors, turned into an oppressor.  Second, Verne used Aronnax; Conseil; Land; and, Nemo to demonstrate that humans, even those who seemed complacent, will not accept repression indefinitely through bouts of repressed anger.  Aronnax vainly implored the bitter Nemo to be released.  Conseil joined his companions in multiple failed attempts to flee from the Nautilus.  Land had a volatile temper that increased with the duration of his imprisonment.  Finally, the liberation Nemo sought underwater transformed into captivity within a fixed parameter of iron plates.  Outside the Nautilus, animals and plants thrived without limitation. 
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Running From Them [23 Nov 2016|03:52pm]


"How long have we been running?" Tim asked while yanking off a twisted set of thorns from off his leg. Anne pressed her watch and a glow lit up a tiny section of the dark forest. "5:20 am." she said "It's been about two hours." Tim nodded, allowing himself to inhale and exhale. Small drops of blood dropped off his leg but he ignored the pain.

"That was scary as hell man." Anne said wiping away a tear. "I mean what kind of cop shoots another one?" Timothy looked over at Anne's worried expression. He just wanted to hold her, let her know everything would be okay but he couldn't. He didn't even know himself. He crossed his arms and swallowed. "Let's keep going." he muttered. "

"Why are we running? I mean can't we just throw the oxy out? Get another stash later?" Anne asked. Timothy shot her a look.

"Are you kidding me? If we drop it those other cops looking for us are going to find it and use it to track us." he kicked a stone "We'll sell it."

"Yeah it's worth a $20." Anne said.

They pushed the branches away, slapped away bugs and kept trudging through the forest floor. Tim's anger kept rising. He was just an amauter high school dealer. He didn't deserve this. His memory wandered...

Anne handed Timothy a $20. "That's $500 we got so far." she whispered to him. Tim handed a wild eyed, skittish teenager a bag. The boy snatched it and ran off like a rabid dog. Stupid people. Tim thought. Anne smiled. "I like the alley you picked behind the school." She looked at the graffiti. "There's character here." All the sudden, two police cars came wailing to the scene. Tim and Anne tried to run. "Hands in the air!" A woman officer yelled. Reluctantly, they both stopped and raised their hands. All the sudden, the second one got out the car and shot his partner. Blood went flying as the red headed woman hit the ground. "What the hell man?" Tim screamed as they started sprinting again. Unfortunately, the older man caught up too easily. The officer pointed a gun to them. "Hand me the money." he said. They backed up against the wall in disbelief. Finally, Tim threw him the wad of $500. The bills danced around the man as he smiled an evil smile. "That's all we made before youcame youfreak!" Anne shouted. The officer picked up the bills off the broken sidewalk. "You girls stay good now." he grinned then he got back in the car and drove off.

Anne felt a root at her foot and tripped, her head hitting a rock. "Ow!" she cried. Tim snatched her up. "Shut up." he said. He pointed ahead. It was a town just a few feet away. Tim picked off a leaf from his sweater. "There's a Motel 8 over there. Looks cheap. Let's go!" Anne said. They shot through and made it to the lobby.

The door dinged as it opened. "Can I help you?" An older Asian man said. He adjusted the business cards and coffee cups. "Sure, we need a room." Anne said as she plopped down a credit card. He swiped without hesitation. "Where'd you get that?" Tim hissed. "My mom." she whispered. They reached the hotel room. There were two flimsy beds with the thinnest comforter imaginable with dressers and a TV with three channels. But it was better than nothing. Suddenly, Anne's cell phone rang. "I told you to toss that out!" Tim said with anger heating up his face. "Whatever." Anne hufffed. She pressed the green button. She recognized the voice immediately. It was her exe's dad. A police.

"Anne don't hang up," he said "We've got cars coming to you but we saw the incident on the street camera. If you guys come in and answer all our questions, we'll forget all about the deal. All we need is your testimony." "You're liars." Anne hissed. The voice on the other line grew soft. "Anne, we're not lying to you. You're the only witness to this." Anne thought for a minute. "Who is it?" Tim growled. Anne tapped her fingers on the drawer then snatched the oxy out of Tim's pocket and flushed it down the toilet. "Hey! What are you doing? That's a $20!" he yelled. "You've got it." Anne said to the other line. "We're safe." she mouthed to Tim. "I'm never doing this again. We're going home."

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Book Review: Ubik by Philip K. Dick [22 Nov 2016|12:36pm]
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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