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This is a community for writers of fiction.

So, as long as you're posting fiction, post anything you want. You can also post anything relevant (or semi-relevant) to writing at your own discretion. Anything longer than a paragraph or two or not work-safe should go UNDER AN LJ-CUT.


[lj-cut text="this is what your link says"]

this is where most of your story goes


**Important: In the above example, you must turn the []'s into <>'s for it to work. Otherwise, you'll get a ton of nasty comments.

Iron Law of Good Community Spirit: if you want comments, post comments. Once you have posted a piece of writing here, if you feel you have received just comments, take the time to comment on three other posts. Better yet, comment before you post, that way we can get to know you, more comments happen, and this is more of a community and less of a void. And if you don't feel you've received the comments you deserve, comment some more anyway to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Linking to your story instead of actually posting it here is absolutely fine. Just be warned: probably no one will click it. Your link has to be the "hook" to "reel" your reader in. That's not easy.

And if you really have to flame, do it in a VERY clever manner or you'll be disliked and deleted.

PS. All good stories contain a vampire, midget suicide, or unexplained cow explosion.


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