God of Thunder (go_t) wrote in fictionwriters,
God of Thunder

Fiction Entry

Hi. This will be my first entry in the community...
I am not fluent in english...
But I hope you'll come and check out this half-poem, half-story that I made.
I am unexperienced and this is also my first post in my journal.

I need some people to rate it and to tell me their honest opinions.
If this go well, I will make a novel based on this story.
Is it okay? Please check it out.

Title: No One Can Have You
Short Summary: A girl falling for a boy might seem typical but it isn't. When a girl falls in love, she needs to own him. She will have him. No one can stop her. I will have what I want. I will have him. Till death will us part. Will you love me?

Please Click Here If You're Interested.
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