xxivyvinexx (xxivyvinexx) wrote in fictionwriters,

Short Story - Memories

Author: xXIvyVineXx
Title: Memories
Length: 1,521 words
Genre: Romance of sorts
Rating: G
Summary: A short story following a nameless women as she remembers fond memories of times shared with her beloved while moving forward to accept a changing and challenging future.

        The irate sound of an alarm piercing through the cool morning air could wake her from her sleep, but it couldn’t free her from her seemingly never ending state of melancholy. In contrast to the sheets warmed by her body, very much alive despite her daze, the morning air of fall was a cool slap to the face, but she remained in her dazed state as she pulled the comforter away from her body and placed her feet on the smooth, wooden floor. Throughout the night it had engulfed and trapped the coolness that was growing with the changing of the seasons, but yet again her state of dazed melancholy could not be cracked.
        With the shuffling of feet being the only sound in the room, she brought herself to the bathroom with the slow and lifeless movements of a zombie. Like the in bedroom, the air bit into her skin, and its bright walls of blue illuminated by the fluorescent lights seemed to mock her for her dark and gloomy state. Only months ago they had shared this room in the mornings; stood side-by-side as each brushed their teeth and silently enjoyed the simple act of being in each other’s company, but now the half-empty room only served to increase the aching.


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