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Greetings! About me and my never ending endeavor to succeed through my writing

Seeing as I am a new member, I only see it fit that I introduce myself and all that there is to know about me and my purpose for being here. I ahve been dabbling in writing all of my life. It's become a passion of mine; however, my time is drawn thin between work and school and other varying events of my life so it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain writing regularly. However, I am still trying to find ways to go forward with my creations, improving those of the past and creating more for the future. I hope to continue writing as a means of living; however, I realize much practice is needed for that as I am still but an inexperienced novice. ^-^ I hope to further my skills in writing with the LiveJournal community's help! I look forward to any and all feedback that I receive and thank you for it in advance!
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