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"great-aunt frissie and the gloom"

semi-adult stuff

Calendar of events:
- 12-19, Christmas break begins
- 12-20, Amtrak south to Tootletown, cab to Old Pines Home for Old Pines Residentials, a "park-like [oldster] campus on the gentle shores of Tootle Creek, where [the yet-to-be departed] residents can enjoy their golden [fogged-in] years in one-bedroom cottages, each with country kitchens, separate bath and compact washer-dryer [-- and lots of room for those weekly, oldster-swinger get-togethers ('Move it right, Edgar!' Eunice shouts. 'What?!!?' 'RIGHT!!!!' 'Oh. Right.' 'Right.' 'What?!!?']."

The quote above from a recent Old Pines brochure with my revisions. I'm writing this on the train, passing the corn and soybean fields of industrial-agricultural heartland America, half way between the ivy-clingy walls of acrid-dame-ee-ya, a mental institution with classes in higher education, and my Christmas with the ancients.

Not that I don't like Great-Aunt Frissie like a bee butt likes a flower. And school's been actually okay this year, after "the glottis" -- the opera diva tart in training -- finally moved out and left the rental house in a silence that was truly missed by her remaining roommates. And not that I don't like opera, either. Just not constantly and without intermissions.

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