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"gather roses" [12 Nov 2014|08:55am]

"... while you may, while the bloom is full, for the blossom soon will fade, and the bloom grow dull"(1)(2)

At age nine Margaret had the idea and worked the return projections out for three, five, and seven years on a spreadsheet. On her notebook screen it all looked good. By the time she was 16 she could leave Lester Holmes Regional Junior and Senior High School, and buy that small island in the Bahamas Johnny Depp once owned.

In her fantasy she'd send "J.D." a Christmas card just to show him what he'd missed -- Margaret, at 16, bronze and gleaming through the cocoa butter, in a bikini you could fit inside the eyelid of newt. She'd be sexy rich. She always knew it. With disposable boyfriends and girlfriends whose calls she would decline to take, on a solid gold iPhone that she'd call "The Jobs."
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2014-11-11 23:16 (777 words)
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Can anyone help with writing genderswap fiction? [03 Nov 2014|11:55pm]

I'm thinking of writing a story where famous tv sons get turned into girls - Andy of Family Ties into Adrienne and Ritchie Petrie of the Dick Van Dyke Show into Rachel. Is it worth pursuing?

As i see it, my options are these:

1. Reimagine the series with a daughter instead of a son right from the beginning, no transformations involved.

2. Write it as several unrelated stories, each one taking place as an episode/arc in the series, where a transformation happens as an event in the series. Some series might be crossdressing/TV/realistic TG, others might be magic/sci-fi.

3. Write it as a "shared universe" where all the stories take place, and the characters of different series know/meet each other, and for some reason sons are turning into daughters (either realistic or magical/SF)

4. Write it from the POV of the public/TV execs: Suddenly reruns of old series become... different. Somehow, the tapes of these old series were altered -- seamlessly -- so the sons are now daughters. It's a big mystery: doing it as CGI would cost hundreds of millions and take years of work, so it's far more than a prank. But what is it? Magic? Aliens?

5. Write it as a period piece: the *actors* that plays those sons suddenly and unexplainedly get transformed into girls. How is fifties/sixties society going to handle it? Will the TV execs try covering it up by recasting the roles or just cancelling the series? They might if it's just one or two, but if every damn series on air is affected...
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Enigma [31 Oct 2014|06:11pm]

Story Title: Enigma
Summary: Lara Greene's life was irrevocably altered the moment a drunk seventeen year old got behind the wheel of his father's BMW. Nearly two years have passed since the accident that left her an orphan, and she has finally returned to her hometown. Needless to say, when she stepped out of the taxi she was not expecting to return to a light fire, brewed pot of tea and a haggard looking man sat in her father's favourite rocking chair. With nothing left to live for she is offered a salvation; one that she had never dreamt of. Yet, how can she take up this selfless mantle and actively pursue the agenda of her own, one which she has been carefully cultivating for the past twenty months.
Chapter: An Old Friend


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Forever and Always [29 Oct 2014|01:45pm]

Forever and Always

I sit at the table, staring at the now cold food on the plates in front of me. It’s getting late. Where is he? He was supposed to be home hours ago. He usually calls when he’s held up at work. I watch the clock tick by slowly. Still nothing. I can’t hear anyone coming up the driveway. Sucking in a frustrated breath I call his mobile. No answer. Fine, I’ll call his work.


“Oh hi Bob, is Will there?”

“No, sorry Darling. I haven’t seen him. Why? Hasn’t he come home?” I answer then say goodbye, hanging up. I glance out the window, an anxious feeling growing in my belly. Where is he?

Suddenly, the phone in my hand rings. I don’t recognize the number that flashes on the screen, but I answer, cautiously.

“Is this Katie?”


“This is Simone from Brokenridge Hospital; William has been in an accident. I think you should come down here right now.” I don’t answer, the phone drops from my hand, hitting the floor with a thump.

I’m immediately taken back to the day in October last year when he proposed to me. He bent down on one knee, in the middle of a crowd of people, at the theatre where we met three years ago.

“I want you, forever and always. Through the good the bad and the ugly, we will grow old together. Marry me Katie?”

I pull up to the entrance of the hospital, my tyres screeching a little, and dash to the reception desk. A kind nurse takes me by the elbow and leads me down the hallway and up another corridor; it feels like an eternity before we reach the room. The nurse tries to explain to me what happened but I can’t hear her. I try to keep a straight face as I enter the room and see him. I walk to the bedside and sit down, staring.

He reaches up and pulls the oxygen mask from his face, giving me a small weak smile. I grab a hold of his hand and squeeze.

“Don’t do this to me Will.” I almost break down, a tear escaping and running down my cheek. “Remember all of the kids we are going to have, and that big house on the hill you said you’d build me.” He coughs, the machines beside him going haywire. The nurse inserts a syringe of liquid into his drip and the machines calm down.

All of a sudden, I have an idea and I grab the nurse before she leaves.

She comes back a moment later with a handful of people trailing behind her. I borrow some rings from the old couple next door and the Chaplin starts the ceremony. Everybody in the room is watching. Laughing, or smiling with tears in their eyes. I gaze into Will’s eyes because he is all that matters, and he gazes back from the bed, the tears dribbling down his smiling face.

It’s my turn to say my vows. I kneel beside the bed and hold onto Will’s hand. “I will want you forever and always. Through all the good times and the bad, we will grow old together and always remember whether happy or sad; we’ll still love each other forever and always.” I finish, wiping the tears from my face. The beeping machines are getting slower. He’s fading away. I nearly choke.

His voice is quiet and slow as he says, “I love you forever and always. Please just remember that even if I’m not there, I’ll always love you Katie.” His eyes close and the machine squeals. I touch his face softly as the nurse comes over and disconnects the wires from his chest.
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"sailing past the tether" [27 Oct 2014|10:08am]

Early in the morning Angie runs down to the shore of Fellows Lake. By August there's often little difference in the morning, between the lake and the air around it. Both are wet enough for trout to swim in, which they might well do if the trout just had a stronger feeling for adventure.

- TROUT BILLY JOEL: Hey, man -- ever wanna air swim? It might be cool.
- TROUT RUDY BLUE: Nah, man. Cool's not doing stuff on your own. If no one's there to be cool for, how can anything ever hope to approach the state of cool?
- TBJ: Yeah, right, man. The state of cool. It's like that old riddle: "If a cool tree falls in the forest, and no one's there to witness the coolness of its falling, how can it not be just a cool tree wannabe?"
- TRB: Right, man. (raises fin, as they fin bump)

So, fish don't fly. At least not the cool ones. They pretty much just hang out in school, then mate and die. Which might not sound exciting enough to get picked up as a series on HBO, but then they're just fish so what can you expect?

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2014-10-26 23:27 (1137 words)
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Story idea/challenge Glee/Flash crossover [20 Oct 2014|12:52pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Greetings all! I am Clairebear2014,new member of the community, and I have had what I think is an interesting idea for a Glee/Flash TV series crossover story. I will be writing my own version, but am interested to see what other authors can come up with!

Sebastian Smythe and Barry Allen exist in parallel universes. During the Glee episode Michael, right as Sebastian is about to throw the tampered Slushie, he and Barry are simultaneously struck by lightning and change bodies (Sebastian in Barry's body in Central City, Barry in Sebastian's in Lima Ohio). Can be played seriously, or for comedy.

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Tree of Nine Worlds Book Two [16 Oct 2014|01:47am]

Title: Tree of Nine Worlds
Authour (Live Journal Name) LilyMaeve La Fey
Rating PG

The quiet of the night was deafening, it seemed that not even a cricket stirred this still, moonless and starless knight. The only light that seeped into the camp came from wayward stars that granted them light through the gaps of the lush green canopy. The campers were taking refuge in the base of a large and full wayward pine, which denied them the luxury of a fire on this late summer dark night. Saoirse was glad for the warmth of the season as she whittled sturdy sticks into arrow shafts.
The silence was unsettling, and she remembered the constant noise of the forest, even through the night. It was not right that the creatures so accustomed to the hours were not scurrying or flying about. Trying not to think of it, she focused on her whittling until a murmur came out from her left.
On his back, sleeping next to her was her best friend Percy. He was not the scrawny peasant boy she had meet all those years ago. He had grown tall and muscular, a short sandy hair hugged his upper lip and pointed jaw and he had broad shoulders that could bear much more weight than her own little frame. One thing that didn't change was that thin smile on his lips while he slept.
Saoirse hated him for this ability. There he was, only an hour after she had relieved him of the watch and he slept as peacefully as a child at the roots of their ancient pine, hidden from the world by its thick bushy needles. But Saoirse would always need more than foliage to feel safe. The needles hid them from the eyes of men, but there were older and more frightening things that lurked the nights in this forest, and it was enough to stop even the baying of wolves and the howling of what should have been the indifferent wind.
Percy knew too much and saw too much to be able to sleep so easily. Both Percy and Saoirse had seen too much for ones so young. They had seen more death as a pair of sixteen-year-olds than a grown man would ever see. No, sixteen or sixty, Percy and Saoirse had seen more death than most would see in a life time, and each death haunted her fragmented dreams with pleas for help that she could never answer. It was unfair that Percy's nights were filled with the sweetness of pleasant dreams and Saoirse could only know terror in her nights.
There was a small squeak and Saoirse turned her attention to her other side. Aisling, who was near on twelve now, curled into an even tighter ball on her side and hugged herself, perhaps to ward off the chill of the dewy grass that seeped through her thin woollen blanket. Saoirse put down her fletching and removed a lock of black hair from Aislings face before covering the child her own blanket. But the small girl still shook violently, and soon after began weeping. She shook Aisling lighting on the shoulder and whispering her name gently. Aisling then opened her murky grey eyes and gasped.
“Mam?” she chirped sitting up in her blankets.
“No, I'm sorry,” Saoirse replied soothing the girl's hair.
Aisling remembered it all then. She took in a deep breath and tried not to weep as she remembered her pregnant mother and the rest of her family had all died in a miserable fire all those years ago. Aisling had been the only one Saoirse and Percy could save. It filled Saoirse's heart with anger to think that the gods had been so cruel as to let her be born so sick and small, then take away her sight, and as if out of sheer spite take her home and her entire family so that nothing was left but her.
Saoirse slipped her arms around the child and let the girl cry for a moment. Aisling slipped out of her arms for a moment and stared into her blindly. It was as if those clouded eyes could see through her, while she sat as rigid as the old tree they had made camp under. In an instant there blew a sudden eerie wind that had vanished just as quickly as it appeared, whispering through the branches and needles while it tossed about tendrils of Aisling's black hair.
When it was done, Aisling shook and her vacant expression turned to one of pure terror. “They know.”
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Original Fic: An Abbey at Dawn - PG - Drama - (1/1) [12 Oct 2014|07:59pm]

An Abbey at Dawn
Sometimes all it takes is a memory; a brief reminder; a chance meeting.

Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Characters/Pairings: Vincent D'Malia, Lorkin Goodfellow
Wordcount: 702
Disclaimer: All original concepts and characters are the property of cenowar © 2014 to present. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited.
Notes: Prompt #332 from 500themes: If looks could kill.
Excerpt: The innkeeper said nothing as he stood and watched the near imperceptible shift from drunk to killer, from fool to fellow, in less time than it takes to breathe.
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Angel of Death 1.18 You Should Think Nothing of Them [08 Oct 2014|10:14pm]

Adeyemi hummed as he sat in his office. The phone rang. He picked it up. “Hello?”

“This is Bavandersloth,” he heard. “The shipment you asked for should be there any minute now. I had to get some friends of mine to drive the trucks. You’ll need to be downstairs in order to receive it. They won’t trust a group of zombies.”

Adeyemi smiled. “Ah, I see. Thank you very much for bailing us out like this.”

“You’re welcome.” Bavandersloth hung up.

Adeyemi stood up, put some nose plugs in, and went downstairs. A few minutes later, a group of trucks arrived, driven by Adeyemi’s own men. Adeyemi raised an eyebrow. Bavandersloth had just said he’d sent his own people to drive the shipment in. It wasn’t like him to misremember something like that. Was this not the shipment? One of the men coughed as he exited the truck.

“Damn, boss. Why do you have to keep all of these… things around?”

“They’re our workers.”

“They’re from hell is what they are.” The man coughed a few more times. He looked down and sighed. “Whatever. I have the shipment here.”

“I see that you do. If I may ask, though, did something come up at the last minute? I was on the phone with Bavandersloth just now and he told me that some of his own men were bringing it in.”

The man tilted his head. “I don’t know how that happened. Some of his men gave me this thing maybe half an hour ago.”

Adeyemi squinted. “Strange. You don’t happen to know if--”Read more...Collapse )
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Devious Journal Entry PLEASE READ [08 Oct 2014|02:34pm]

The Touch Of Rebellion~ Chapter 1 Part 1
by CoBalt1131 on deviantART
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Blue Snow [03 Oct 2014|09:13pm]

The color blue,

As it seems as if as I am the only one who holds too much affection for that particular color. It's calm and captivating and always seems to relax me.


It's something I like, among other things.

The first morning that I woke up to the sound of windchimes was the the first morning that snow came falling down from each of our paths.

Do you ever wonder why this is my name? Think about it, please.
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The Tomato Anthology [01 Oct 2014|07:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]


Hi all, Amoeba Ink is workin on it's first anthology, and I wanted to encourage everyone to consider submitting. It's an open genre anthology to celebrate tomatoes. I know that sounds odd, but there are several tomato festivals around and we've got a huge Tomato Arts festival locally.

Follow the link for details:
And feel free to follow us on Facebook:

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Angel of Death 1.17 Soulless Ones [19 Sep 2014|09:27pm]

Valthakar sat in the atticby the safe. He opened Bavandersloth’s copy of On the Underworld and turned to the table of contents.

“I A Description of the Underworld

“II On the History of the Underworld

“III On the Sections of the Underworld

“IV On the Souls of the Underworld

“V On the Creatures of the Underworld

“VI Questions and Answers

“VII Glossary”

Valthakar thought. He turned to On the Sections of the Underworld.
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“Dangerous” trailer released - view here! [07 Sep 2014|02:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Discover the romantic and suspenseful world of DANGEROUS via this newly released book trailer - and (coincidence?) the eBook in on sale for just 99¢ Sept. 7-13 at Amazon!

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Angel of Death 1.16 Bavandersloth's Rampage [04 Sep 2014|11:47pm]

Cody sat on a bed reading. He heard barking behind him. He turned around. He saw Sparky sitting and wagging his tail. Cody smiled. He put his book down, stood up and took his true form. He bent over and patted his knees. “Here, Sparky.”

Sparky ran up to and pounced on Cody, leaving a trail of black, smoking paw prints behind him. Cody fell back as Sparky licked him. Cody laughed.

Cody looked at the door when he heard it open. Valthakar stood there. “It’s almost time,” he said. “We need to get down there.”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.15 Roma Invicta [15 Aug 2014|12:36am]

“In other news,” Violet Fox said, “the last few weeks have seen the rise of a new quazi-religious movement centered mostly in Goldfalls, CA. While many of the people in Goldfalls have taken a positive view of our handful of Angels, few have taken it as far as this group. Dubbed ‘Angel worshipers,’ this mysterious cult seems to follow a religion based around them. Beyond that, very little is known about the group, including whether or not they do literally worship angels. Members of the cult rarely talk about their beliefs, insisting that in order to discover the truth, one must join their organization. Given their association with what is widely regarded as real supernatural activity, plenty of people are doing just that.”

Violet turned to her left. “Joining me today to discuss this issue I have an actual Angel, Orichalcum. Welcome back to the show.”

Valthakar grinned. “Thank you for having me back.”

“Orichalcum, first, a lot of people who have joined the cult have said that they’ve chosen to do so because the cult seems to revolve around genuine supernatural activity. Do you have anything to say about that?”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.14 Cold Snap [28 Jul 2014|01:08am]

Cody grunted as he lifted a pile of snow over his shoulder. “This is… supposed… to be… California,” he wheezed through exhausted panting. He was almost ready to collapse by the time he was finished. He looked at the driveway. It seemed clear enough. He went up to its owner’s door and knocked on it. A young woman opened it. “I’m… done…” he said.

The woman peeked outside, holding a cup of hot chocolate. She went back inside. She came back to the door and handed Cody thirty dollars. Cody panted as he accepted the money. “Thank… you…”

“You too,” the woman said. She nodded and went back inside. Cody turned around. He looked down the road. He’d been hired to clear four more of those things.

Cody panted and looked down. He fell forward into the snow. He gritted his teeth. He reached for his phone and called Lester. “Hey, man,” he said.

“Hey,” Lester said. “Something wrong?”

Cody took a deep breath. “No. I’m just lying out here; in the snow; on the path to someone else’s driveway; while you’re inside; with hot chocolate.”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.13 Deerward [21 Jul 2014|12:14am]

Cherie’s Father knocked on Cherie’s bathroom door. “Cherie, honey, we need to talk.”

Cherie stepped out with a toothbrush in her mouth. “Hmm?”

Cherie’s Father looked down and took a deep breath then looked back up. “Cherie, honey,” he said, “you can take the day off of school. I need you to come to work with me today.”

Cherie’s eyes widened.


“What’s going on, dad?” Cherie asked.

“We need your help.”

Cherie squinted. “What? How? You told me your job was top secret. I’m not even supposed to know what it is. I don’t know what it is.”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.12 The People Need Fear No Longer [13 Jul 2014|10:46pm]

Mia stumbled out of The Jackal, leaning on the man she’d been speaking with all night.

“C’mon,” the man said. “I’ll drive you home.”

Mia chuckled. She looked up at him. She took a step. She fell forward. She looked around. She’d tripped off of the curb and hit her head on the man’s car. She felt something warm on her forehead. She put two fingers on her head then moved them into her line of sight. Her head was bleeding. The man helped her up. “Go on in,” he said. She turned around.

“I dunno,” she said. “Mayb… may… maybe I should call a--”

“Come on,” the man said, hoisting her up. She stepped into his truck. She looked at the dashboard and saw some pictures.

“Who’s that?” she asked.

The man paused for a moment. “Wife and kids,” he finally said.

Mia squinted at the pictures, and then back at him. “Those kids look a little old to be yours.”Read more...Collapse )
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