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Angel of Death 1.11 Felisha [06 Jul 2014|11:22pm]

Agent Lambert sat with his colleagues around a large metal table. They gave their attention to a plus-sized man in a grey suit. “Welcome everyone,” he said. “Thank you for gathering here today. We’ve two things to discuss in light of the new developments regarding the Angel of Death: what is being planned, and how we must respond. Agent Lambert, as the head of the East Coast subdivision, I’d like to hear your opinion on this issue.”

Agent Lambert nodded. “Thank you, sir. First, let me state that I am very confident that Bavandersloth is behind this plan.”

“What makes you say that?”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.10 Everything I Ever Did Was For You [29 Jun 2014|11:56pm]

Bavandersloth sat in front of his computer, conversing with several other liches.

“Gentlemen,” he said. “Thank you for coming. I am here to discuss recent events.”

“You mean you’re here to rationalize your failure to safeguard the first convention,” said Kgobauru, one of the liches he was speaking to.

“It was a lost cause when I came here,” Bavandersloth said. “I should have seen that from the beginning. However, I believe it is possible to make the best of this turn of events.” Several liches raised their eyebrows. “In fact, I think it might be possible, with great effort I admit, to turn these events to our favor.” Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.09 The Law Shall Make No Exception for Him [22 Jun 2014|08:02pm]

Det. Williams entered the room where Cody was being held. Cody sat next to a state appointed representative. Cody was crying. Williams sat on the hard metal chair across from Cody and looked at him. This was the Angel of Death. Williams was certain of that. The boy that sat across from him had killed more than sixty people. Williams pressed his lips together as he looked over at one of the officers in the room. “Has he been read his rights?” Williams asked.

“Yes,” the officer said.Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.08 Farewell, Sweet Angel [14 Jun 2014|11:39pm]

Det. Williams took a seat in the interrogation room. He sipped his coffee as he gazed at the eyes of the woman sitting across from him. She blinked as she looked back.

Williams turned his head to the side to face one of the officers in the room. “She’s been read her rights?”


“I’m not saying anything to you, Meanie.” the woman said.

“Oh, you’re free not to.” Williams chuckled. “But I imagine you’ll want to answer the questions I have for you.”

The woman raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What makes you think that?”

“I’m here to ask you about the Angel of Death. I understand you had an encounter with him.”Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.07 A Smile That Never Fails [01 Jun 2014|08:16pm]

Jack and Percy sat waiting for their associate to arrive. Their organization was looking to establish a foothold in this territory, and wanted to do so quickly. Up until recently, it had been occupied by a much lesser competitor, the Black Death, and it wasn’t valuable enough for gaining control of it to be worth the effort it took to expel another organization. Now, though, it was free. That is, if their organization could establish a foothold quickly, before anyone else did.

Percy checked his watch. “Dude, it’s after 1:00. He was supposed to be here half an hour ago!”
Read more...Collapse )
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[09 May 2014|11:35am]

I have a new book out, a collection of short stories, inspired by the Greek myths, only set in the modern world. A sort of horror/urban fantasy thing. In kindle and print, from amazon.


A collection of eight horror and urban fantasy short stories bringing the myths of Ancient Greece and Rome into the modern world.
Oliver enters the world of dreams, searching for his comatose wife; Helen buys a love potion from an old acquaintance; David attends the funeral of his murdered nephew and Holly is having bad dreams again and her dreams have a habit of coming true.
And that's just the start . . .

more info on my website

Amazon links:
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Angel of Death 1.06 Abandoned Dreams [28 Apr 2014|08:40pm]

Cody rushed towards the source of an intense fear trail. The only thing he had ever known to produce a scent of fear this strong was another lich. The last time he had smelled it out on the streets like this, it’d been Valthakar trying to attract his attention. He suspected this would prove to be true again.

As he entered the ally the trail was coming from, he saw Valthakar standing over a boy who looked to be about fourteen. Cody prepared to pounce on Valthakar to force him away from the boy.

“No need for that, Odelarch” Valthakar said, looking at Cody, “I’m not planning to hurt him.” The boy was backed up against the ally’s wall, cowering and shaking. “In fact, you’d be advised to erase his memories of the last few hours and knock him out. I don’t think Bavandersloth would like to see him telling anyone about this.”Read more...Collapse )
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The Firedragon! [20 Apr 2014|04:10pm]
Check out the Firedragon by Mary Fan- promotional short for a series I am really excited about. It's really great!
Only 99c and all profits to charity
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"horror scopes, 01" [09 Apr 2014|04:41pm]

Pen, aka Penelope Sclorisi, finds a spot on Hardy Street just three blocks from the beach. That it's barely one tire-width longer than her '98 Corolla, means it takes a full five minutes of bumper-bump to get the rusted Toyota within two feet of the curb. She stuffs her pen and steno notebook into Charlie, the knapsack she's had since 11th grade, gets out and carefully shuts the door.

It's a good omen, so she's smiling. The last time she found a parking place within twenty blocks of the Venice boardwalk was 2009, when she did a story on Bikini Bikers, the club where both girls, and guys, only wear bikinis on their Harleys.

"You must go through a lot of sunscreen," she'd asked Fat Willie, then, nearly naked as he straddled Mary Ann, a hog with an eight-foot-long front fork.

"Never use it," Willie answered. "If you'd just stop bathing, honey, you'd find your skin makes its own sunscreen, moisturizer, and insect repellent."
more ...Collapse )

2014-04-09 16:19:30 (1245 words)

100 Word Stories Are Live... [01 Apr 2014|08:42pm]

Took rather longer than I planned, but I finally got these books out \o/

Magpie Tales book cover

3 collections of the stories are now available on Amazon. They've got my favourites from the flash fiction I've written, including some I put up here. Collection 1's got the unicorn and the spatula duel and the murderous socialite and the little girl whose mother is the moon. And 46 others.

If you fancy leaving a review, you'll be my friend forever.

Hope you'll forgive the blatant self-promotion, but I'm kinda excited just now :-D
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100 Word Story - Perspective [11 Mar 2014|02:05pm]

This one is story #217.


Our couples’ therapist told us we should try to see things through each other’s eyes.

So we swapped.

I’m already noticing differences. The dark alley just before you reach our front door looks more unnerving. The crisps I eat at lunch taste of guilt. Benedict Cumberbatch seems… more.

I mean, damn.

But the biggest change is my own reflection. I look beautiful.

And it’s not just me. The first time she saw herself with my eyes, she blushed.

We swapped back, and we’re better. Turned out it didn’t matter how we saw everything else. Only how we saw each other.

Should have the Kindle collections of these out in the next couple of weeks. Everyone who signs up to the website list gets the first one free, if you're interested:
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[10 Mar 2014|11:47pm]

In a dystopian world where physical contact is illegal because of a blood-born disease that turns you into human soup, a research scientist faces the ultimate challenge...

Keep off the Glass

He sat on the bunk with his long legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. His well-built, powerful arms were relaxed at his sides. I didn’t have to look at his notes to see that he’d been given a sedative in the past four hours.  His blue eyes were open, but they were staring into the distance, as if he were in some other time or place far from here.  At least mentally.
I pressed the intercom button. ‘John. Can you hear me?’
‘John Bixby. This is Dr Alannah Paulson. I’m here to speak with you.’
Sighing at the lack of response, I tried again. ‘John… you told the nurses you wanted to speak to someone in charge. Here I am. Do you want me to come back?’
Ah, that did it. A little shift of the eyes; a sign of recognition. He was coming back to us.
‘John, I’m coming in.’
Read more...Collapse )
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Angel of Death 1.05 The Scythe Sets You Free [02 Mar 2014|04:51pm]

Jason had a smile across his face as he beat his helpless victim. The person… nay, filthy creature, was meeting its end. The filthy animal had no right to be in his country, and if he wouldn’t leave by returning across the border, he’d leave by being buried in the ground. As Jason continued, his grin got wider and wider. He’d always hated this type for what they did, but only since falling in with his new group of friends had he had the courage to do what needed to be done. “I can thank our leader, Mr. Luckmann for that,” he thought as he bashed away.

Suddenly, he smelled a horrible smell. He looked to his left where he thought it was coming from, and saw a dark cloud dashing towards him. He felt a fear rush through him. He recognized the cloud. It was none other than that worn by the Angel of Death. Read more...Collapse )
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Whom Shall I Send? [01 Mar 2014|01:45am]

Turras sat back in his chair at the palace. He noticed that the other two were sitting differently and adjusted his position to match. He didn’t know if there was a correct way to sit on palace grounds, and he didn’t want to risk sitting improperly.

“I can only send one of you two,” the Wizard said, squinting his eyes and picking up a chalice from the table beside him. “Though you both have the unique traits necessary to succeed, we’ve only enough of the right sort of weapons and armor for one person.”Read more...Collapse )
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100 Word Story - Out of Date [28 Feb 2014|08:22am]

Happy Friday everyone. Here's a story I wrote yesterday, about what comes after.

Out of Date

It had been an ill-timed jump, and Dirk was about to die.

He’d been told there was a bright white light. Then maybe he’d be taken to stand in front of Saint Peter, or watch as his heart was weighed against a feather.

But instead of his life flashing before him, two words appeared as his world went dark.

Continue Y/N?

And a countdown. Ten. Nine. Eight.

“Yes!” he said, as the numbers ticked lower. “Yes, yes!”

On the edge of hearing, he caught ‘not that interesting…’ ‘meh, old crap…’ ‘let’s play Street Fighter instead…’

Then silence.

Three. Two. One.

I'm finally taking some of the advice I got here and putting a collection of these together. First Kindle book goes free to anyone on the list:
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Seventh Night Giveaway [10 Feb 2014|09:45pm]

Giving away 7 Hardback Copies of my fantasy adventure Seventh Night on Goodreads during the month of February.

Seventh Night Ebook CoverClick here to enter or view the Goodreads page for the novel.

Blurb: Once, a boy fell in love with a girl not long before a princess married a charming prince, and if the boy had been the prince or the girl had not been the princess, this might have been a simple fairytale romance.

But he wasn't, and she was. So things were complicated. And then there were the bandits and the poison and the kidnapping and the secrets and the betrayal and the monsters and the magic, the journey across the desert and the journey across the sea, and of course that tax issue.

In a land where unicorns are commonplace, life can start resembling a storybook. Everyone wants a happily ever after, but sometimes true love requires sacrifices...

You can read a sample of the text at Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes & Nobles.

If any of you have published a book, Indie or Traditional, you know what a headache promo can be. Please take pity and help my giveaway be a success by sharing the link on any forum or social media where you feel it's appropriate.

You can find me:

On Facebook:
On Twitter: @KayIscah
On DeviantArt:

And of course on Livejournal.

P.S. If you like ebooks better or live outside the U.S., Tome Tender is giving 3 book copies.
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100 Word Story - Crossing the Line [05 Feb 2014|02:07pm]

This story is about balance.

Crossing the Line

Henri the tightrope walker gets philosophical when he’s performing.

Just body, rope and stick. Perfect equilibrium, the way Henri likes it.

One foot after another. Goal-oriented, single-minded.

Even the crowd vanishes. Even Amelie, turning cartwheels below.

Of course, Amelie’s trying to vanish anyway. Bruno the strongman wants to take her to Paris.

Bruno isn’t performing tonight. No-one can find him. It’s because he’s been eaten by Sasha the tiger, but only Henri knows that.

He shouldn’t have tried to upset Henri’s equilibrium.

Henri gives a slight smile. You need equilibrium to walk the rope. You don’t need to be balanced.


As ever, all comments appreciated.
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Angel of Death 1.04 I’m a Monster. You Realize That, Right? [31 Jan 2014|12:16am]

A few weeks into the school year, Cody made his way over to the library. Cody had always been an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction ever since he was capable of it.

He had little other choice. His household had only one television, which didn’t have cable and was rarely available to him anyway. The only times he watched it were when his parents made him watch the news and the occasional family movie night, a relatively recent innovation resulting from his family receiving a VCR last Christmas. There were no computers or gaming consoles in Cody’s house either. Books, board games, and tabletop role playing games had long been his only available forms of recreation.

As Cody entered, the Librarian saw him and called him over. Cody noticed that it wasn’t the one from last year. Shame; he had made good friends with that one. Cody approached the desk. “Hello,” Cody said, “Why did you call me over?”

“You’re Cody Giles, correct?”Read more...Collapse )
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100 Word Story - Love It Or Hate It [22 Jan 2014|02:09pm]

Here's another one from the archives. You'll likely get a lot more out of this if you're a Brit who listens to Radio 4.

Love it or Hate it

Breakfast was toast, Marmite and the amount of coffee you need after someone else spent the night having sex.

Katie, with whose impressive octave range I was now familiar, came blearily in.

“Rough night?”

She looked shell-shocked. “We hit the 3rd Parsons Level.”


“Y’know, the sex cycle. First level: hesitation. New partner, you’re both a bit nervous. Second level: repetition. Once you’ve started, you do it all the time. Third level: need more interest, so… deviation.”

“Oh. Oh. You… worried?”

“No, it’s natural. It’s just… different. That said, you might not want to eat any more of that Marmite.”


I tend to find anyone who reads that story goes into one of two camps - either they've never listened to Just A Minute, or they never listen to it in the same way again.
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What Makes Us Girls - Chapter Three [21 Jan 2014|06:30pm]

I haven't written since July 2013, so I guess you could say this most recent chapter of What Makes Us Girls is me coming out of the writer's block closet and back into civilization. I'd love to hear any thoughts.

Chapter Three

Working Summary: Fallon Riley has secrets. Who doesn't? But her biggest secret of them all, Brock Gold, is about to come out, threatening her relationship with her best friend, Lana. The dynamics between Fallon, Lana, and the rest of their foursome group is about to change drastically and Fallon is left wondering: Was Brock really worth all this trouble?

(Previous Chapters: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Index)

Thanks, Lydia.
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