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Infinite Web [01 Aug 2015|01:45am]

The Universe is a mysterious and unexpecting place to be in, anything and everything happens there, life, planets, wormholes, and legendary acts of long forgotten experimentations that still traverse the vast expanses of the great, black, plain.

The tale you are about to enter is one of greatest adventure. Love, humour, and action. Drama, horror... Life and death. These tales are interwoven by the 200 souls that have been trapped inside it. But there is something else with in the creation that the souls dare not mention or think about. The Great Squishadon.
What was its origin?
Why did it take these particular souls?
The thing that holds them, the very thing trapped in there with them, has divided these 200 souls that have banded together into four different colonies, that had been spread out far enough away that they did not know of the other three from the very beginning... but they were not in those colonies by choice, each had its own rules and laws, its own customs and teachings.

Each colony had its own way of punishing those who didn't follow those laws and teachings. But how these laws and teachings, these rules and customs, and the punishments themselves are formed and carried out, would be entirely up to the inhabitants of the Sphere themselves. The names of the four colonies were as followed:

The Grefnu. In the fire valleys of the Crystalline Skeletons.
The Trelent. In ever expanding networks of caves and tunnels created by unseen hands.
The Stogh. In the mountainous regions, home to the ever protective Sky Flarn.
The Clarv. In a place that some might describe as Heaven, and others might perceive it as Hell.

The souls themselves are formless, and could take any shape they desired, but once they did, they would not be able to change back. Each soul had the full gambit of thoughts, emotions, and feelings bestowed upon it for a greater experiment than any single one of them could have ever understood or thought.

The Grefnu, part 1

In the fire valleys of the Crystalline Skeletons. They have just awakened to find themselves in a strange place with epicly scaled skeletons that seemed to be made of living flame themselves, though it is not clear where they are. The 50 souls that reside here must prevail over the various dangers that are not only present to the rest of the souls in this colony, but to themselves here as well.
"Zerstörung des Verstandes, Tod zur Seele, Obliteration des Körpers, Zeit, die Abgabe zu zahlen!" the seemingly unstoppable skeleton said out of anger for the betrayal of the souls it had been charged with. "Look, I don't know what the fuck you just said to me, but I really don't feel like playing 'Pay the toll' the first of the two souls said.
"Yeah, I don't think he understands you Monte."
"bumsen Sie Sie! ich kenne tadellos Brunnen, was das Bumsen er sagt! sterben Sie jetzt in den Feuern meines Zorns!" Monte looked over at his brother and at the same time that the monster charged towards them with a rather annoyed look on his face while Monte and Matt both brought out their sub machine guns that their forms had apparently come equipped with. They let loose a hail of bullets which tore off chunks of the flaming skeletons bones and caused his jawbone to fall off and clatter to the ground and crumple to a pile of ash.
"Shut the fuck up already! We're busy here!" Monte interrupted the mysterious voice as he continued to fire upon the giant seventy foot skeleton with secular force. "My god! How long does it take this thing to go down!?" Monte asked his brother.
The brothers had been formed from one mind which had fractured into two halves when it first appeared, the giant flaming bag of bones they were now fighting was in charge of incubating that soul in particular because of the enlarged chance that they had of going separate ways. While they were both the same identically with the exception of Monte's inversion of clothing colors from Matt's yellow and gold shirt and pants, Monte was the more violent of the two and Matt was more thought out before he took action. But the brother agreed on one thing, and one thing only.
That who ever beat this thing first would take possession of the second soul without fail and become the undisputed leader of the Grefnu.
"THAT SOULS MINE!" Monte screamed as the rate of fire on his sub machine gun increased by double.
"I beg to differ dear brother, but the rightful responsibility of caring for the new comer belongs to me alone. But I wish you luck none the less."
Monte threw his gun away and materialized two four foot clubs from his ribcage and then changed into his true form of a ice filled skeleton with icicles for hair and blazing crystal blue eyes. He jumped on the skeleton with ease and pounded the top of its skull until it broke and let loose a torrent of glass spikes that sliced through the rest of the monster with ease.
"That should take care of you for now. Let's take a look at that soul, shall we?" Monte asked no one in particular.
By this point the soul had formed and its colors had drastically changed to a combination of fiery tones to deep cold colors that resembled both halves of the first souls personality.
"This is a good fit for me I suppose. Hmph. Who are you two s’posed to be huh?" it asked with a slight bit of annoyance.
"My name's Monte, the ice cold killer of the deepest, most desolate reaches of existence!" Monte said with a chilling expression on his face.
"And I'm Matt, the blazing hot assassin from the deepest, most fiery parts of the Human heart!" the second soul looked at the two and noted the formal differences between the two and laughed insanely.
"Are you shitting me? Fire and ice? Red and blue? Hot and cold? Well I guess that just leaves good ol middleness for me then. The names Chelve. Bored as Hell and twice as powerful."
Matt and Monte both looked at Chelve with a deep understanding of the possibility. "Would you like to wager that?"
It had been several weeks since Chelve, Matt, and Monte first formed their bodies, and now it seemed that they were at war with each other. Or so it seemed. It had been agreed upon that each person take with them two souls of their choosing and make a kingdom to combat the appropriate regions problems. Monte found it slightly more easy to make use of his newfound talents as he was practically made of ice.
The first of the two souls had a special side to her. Her name was Kim, but that's nots what Monte prized about her, her form was just an orb, a plain gray orb that was always floating in mid air, bobbing up and down as if to let others know of her presence. He valued her because she could fly as high as she wanted, above the clouds even if she wished, and this was where her value to him came into play, she was able to gather information from far away places and sending it directly to Monte's mind in a moments notice.
The second soul of his choice was also a an orb, but unlike Kim, this one had fourteen drills that could extend to any length and size that it wanted to. Its name was Rob, and his value came to Monte by the fact that he could in theory create a vast underground network of bottomless pits and well sized multi leveled rooms if there was a need for it. But, at the moment, Kim and Rob were floating near Monte happily as Monte talked of the wonders he thought were outside the Grefnu’s borders.
"Just think of it! All that land! All that available space! I just can't wait to end this piti party by my brother and take what power he has away from him! Why, he'd be forced to join with me!" Kim sighed and lowered herself to the ground for a little bit. "Monte, if I may say so, but wouldn't the fact that you chose us, mean that you could find out what's going on in this strange place? It doesn't seem like much, but I think I heard traces of an explosion to the south of here. I wonder what could be going on?"
Matt looked at his brother one last time with pity before deciding if this was the way that they were meant to live, constantly fighting each other without remorse for the other persons feelings. "Then so be it." he said to himself quietly as he watched his brother's castle of ice form in the distance. Matt had only been with his brother a short time before they went there seperate ways, but during those times where they were apart, it felt like something was missing from him. Like a longing that couldn't be satisfied. Only much closer to home.

It had been a couple of weeks since the start and advent of their adventures as well as the beginning of the three wars. He was ok with it for some reason. They had chose to divide up the seven souls that appeared before them. Monte had taken Kim and Rob, two orbs that had their own unique value to him, and Chelve had also taken two with him before they could form their bodies and minds. Matt had decided to maximize the potential he had by choosing the souls that would best compliment both each other and him at the same time.
Since Matt was calm, and more of a strategist than his brother would ever be, he wanted the first of his pick to be someone that was as strong and unpredictable as the universe itself, but also someone who could follow his plans within acceptable boundaries. He found that soul that had been floating right next to where Chelve had been standing and smiled contently.
The fires that burned within the skeletons helped move the charred bones across the boiling landscape. The boiling lakes spurting out bits and flecks of lava as the bright white sky seemed to go on forever, only interrupted by the peaks of mountains that seemed to be pointing downwards at the Grefnu colonies three kingdoms. But Matt was more interested in what the soul would look like, rather than the environment itself. The soul's body was nothing more than a torso covered by hundreds, if not billions, of tiny holes evenly spaced out between each other, giving him the illusion that him was a ghost. The torso floated three feet above the ground. Between the shoulders and the arms there was a cushion of space where lightning was constantly showing to be connecting the two. His arms were twice as long and big as his body. The only thing that Matt could see about him that might've been representative of a mouth, was a long zipper that seemingly bent and squirmed with his words, as if giving proof that there was some sentience to the form.
"What is your name? I am called Matt by the powers that be, who might you be?" The half soul said without much interest. Instantly the floating torso jumped to life, and as if being controlled like a puppet, it moved jerkily as if to prove that it could also act like an idiot as well. After some time, its movements were smoothed out to almost a liquid feel and the zipper opened up and one eye flew out and circled the potential king.
"Names Gan, don't know my last name. But I guess I'm coming with you right?" Gan answered with a bit of laziness to his voice.
"Yes, Gan was it? you'll be coming with me. I have a question for you." Gan's eye floated around Matt for an even second before returning to his body and floating over the open neck hole where four wires plugged them selves into the base of his eye, forming a makeshift neck. The eyeball itself was as big as a beach ball but apparently was very light. "Yeah?" Gan said stiffly, "Sorry, still trying to get the kinks out of this thing."
"You mean to tell me that you’re separate from the body itself?" Matt asked more interested in this then the apparently resurrected skeleton that had been sitting down cross legged behind him, watching the events unfold.
"Well... not at all, I'm actually inside this body, not the eye, that would be Tim." matt looked first inside the zipper and felt around in there to make sure he was seeing things correctly. Gan waited patiently as he felt fingers reach around inside his torso without a hint of pain.
"Well, that is interesting. Now where is our second soul?" Matt said impatiently as Gan pointed upwards behind Matt.
"Oh... you’re a big one aren't you?" Matt said as he looked upwards about fifty feet and saw the burning pile of bones assemble themselves into the skeleton that had been fighting them earlier. "Yeah... that I am... So can I ask a question?" the skeleton said loudly.
"Ask away my giant friend." Matt said calmly.
The skeleton started to tear up. "It's just not fair!" it slammed its massive fist down on the mist covered ground and the resulting shock wave sent vibrations all over the metal sphere. "It wasn't I who knocked you out, but my brother, would you like to get your revenge on him?" the skeleton burst into a raging inferno as spikes appeared over its shoulder and a liquid metal covering spread over its body in intricate patterns forming a suit of armour that looked to be imbedded into the very spine of the beast.
"Yes. I would like that very, very much." it said with its heart full of glee.
"Then tell us your name." Matt requested kindly, "and we shall make war with the other two kingdoms."
"I dont have a name, just call me Bones." Bones said angrily.
"Oh, that's real original." Gan said to himself.

Chelve had wasted no time in completing his kingdom. It was a combination of beautiful ice sculptures and dazzling displays of fire that were both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The fire was never hot, nor was the ice ever cold. They were simply small displays of his vast power. The two souls he chose didn't have very much choice in how they were formed, since he changed them into the forms he liked best, which were a combination of the forms that the souls of Monte and Matt had chosen.
The area the Chelve claimed was literally four miles off the ground and floated above both kingdoms at random. But the ground it floated over was his and in the ten mile wide radius of the four pillars of frostbitten fire that he had imbedded into the ground, the castle never went out of bounds, it simply slowly bounced from one side to the next in a star shaped pattern. The castle itself was nothing more than a giant cloud, but the inside was the most beautiful and intricately decorated place beyond your wildest imaginations. It was also lined with black cobbled stones so that Chelve and his souls wouldn't fall the long distance and die from hitting the ground from such a height.
The first of Chelves two souls was a combination of Kim and Rob, it was just a simple construct that could fly as high and far as it wanted, while it also housed many different sized tools for construction and creation of supplies and armies. Chelve found this to be extremely useful for a number of things, including the preparation of underground villages that were safe from either Matt or Monte. he named it Kaboosh. Simply because he enjoyed the way it could demolish anything he ordered it to with two highly oversized hammers. It didn’t speak very often, and when it did it only offered solitary advice and reports of what either of the Fire or Ice kingdoms were up to.
The second of the souls that Chelve chose was like a skeletonized version of Gan and Bones combined. Mainly because its use was primarily for attacking and defending, and each of its hundred thousand bones could change into a soldier at the will of Chelve. It turns out that Chelve was the smartest and the most vicarios of all three kingdoms, and wanted nothing more then to find out more about this wonderful place that he had been born into.
With this, Chelve began making plans against the other two kingdoms with regular reports from Kaboosh, and learning much from the spies that icicles that formed and melted at the most random times that could also be used as projectiles that she became very good at aiming with. Unlike Bones, she was three times his size, and because of this, Chelve changed her one body into three with the ability to combine to form one. he named her one form Sea Horse, while he named the three forms based on their level of strength and speed.
Dartfish was the fastest of the three, but had little strength. But it didnt matter since this suited her just fine, since Dartfish could attack thousands of times in a single minute without her target even knowing what had happened until it was too late. Dartfish formed the legs and lower part of the spine, but she made good use of the many ones and made herself a body that she could make the most use of.
Sleek and unbelievably aerodynamic.
Whaleshark was the strongest of the three smaller bodies of seahorse, but she was a bit slow and worked hard to create a martial art that overcame this disadvantage. Whalefish formed the ribcage and middle of the backbone. She used the eight rib bones to her advantage and gave herself six arms, two on her left, two on her right, and two in back that were like whips. She had three heads that hovered around her body like rotating cameras. Each head was controlled by the same mind, but controlled a different aspect of her body. It also maximized her sight range.
The third small form of seahorse, Clownfish, formed the head, arms, neck and top part of the backbone which completed the single form of seahorse. since she already had arms that had a long range of motion and reach, thanks in part to the many bones she had at her disposal, she didn't have any real need for strength or speed. So she was the most balanced of the three and could work easily with what she already had on her.
Chelve was ready with his two souls, Kaboosh and Seahorse, he would just need to wait for another seven souls to join his cause before he could implement his plans.
All three kingdoms had been created.
Chelve had his kingdom of the Frostbitten Fire and he had picked his two souls out. Kaboosh and Seahorse.
Matt had his kingdom of fire. He too had his two souls chosen, Gan and Bones.
Monte had his kingdom of ice. He was the first to chose his two souls, Kim and Rob. Both of whom he found very valuable.
They had all received individual messages from the thundering voice that they would each receive seven more souls to add to their own kingdoms. But, unbeknownst to them and wisely left out of the message to each, was the information about the one leftover soul they didn't pick. This soul, having had the proper amount of time to decide carefully on what form to take, which attributes it wanted, and how best to keep the other three kingdoms in check with each other, wished its presence to remain unknown to the others.
To achieve this goal, its kingdom was both high above the kingdom of frostbitten fire, and far below the kingdoms of ice and fire. The area it claimed and the two castles it created to better suit its purposes, had many vantage points to which it could keep track of the three kingdoms. It also put to of its best generals in charge of each base.
The first kingdom that was high above Chelves, was ruled by the soul of the creator of the metal sphere, Who had died shortly after launching his life’s work into the void of space. He remained much the same as he did in life, and instituted the laws he had in his own life. He was both kind and gentle, seeking answers to questions not yet asked.
The second kingdom, which was situated far below and right between the kingdoms of Ice and Fire, was ruled by a soul that was twice as ruthless as Chelve, more violent than Monte, and three times as brilliant then Matt. He ruled according whatever thoughts he had, often changing them for fun whenever he thought they needed changing or re-introducing. He was the opposite of the Creator, he sought after new ways to enhance the technology in his castle, newer weapons, newer armour, newer everything. He had an insatiable need to want more and more till one day he was satisfied with his kingdom and smiled to himself.
The kingdoms of the Hidden Souls had been created in a matter of weeks, and Matt, Monte, or Chelv could never predict the events which would lead to their own unique demises.
"The explosion? Yes I think I felt it as well, when I was digging your wine cellar my Lord." Rob said gruffly as he brandished his drills to inspect them. Kim and Rob were about the size of beach balls, with hidden compartments inside of them as well as different viewpoints on a lot of things.
"You said that it came from the south Kim? Very interesting. I want you to go and investigate. And along the way, I want you to try and get seven more souls to join our side."
Kim floated three feet off the ground and was about to leave when a thought came into her mind. "Sire, though we're a kingdom of ice, as noted by the giant blizzard that surrounds this place and the formidable ice sculptures that you have erected of yourself. What do we want the most out of our kingdom?"
Monte looked first at Kim, then at Rob. Since neither of them had faces to which he couldn’t tell that they were looking at him, he sighed.
"What I want more then anything, is to be the most powerful and strongest of these three kingdoms of the Grefnu! I will not lose to my brother Matt!" Monte was thrilled at the prospect of getting more souls on his side. "I want only the best souls that know their strategy, battle tactics, and have abilities that will suit my needs! Understood?"
Kim nodded as she altered her form just the slightest bit as a red dot about the size of a baseball appeared on her front, mainly to help distinguish where she was looking, and partly because it was fashionable. "Very well Sire, where do you want me to look?"
Monte thought very hard on the subject, and then finally decided.
"I want you to search for the source of the explosion to the south of here, find out what the cause of it is and who caused it. More importantly than that, establish a quick route so that I may send Rob to make a tunnel to your location." With those last words, Kim was off like a rocket. Her mission was a simple one at that. Find out the source of the explosion and recruit seven power hungry souls that wished to better themselves.
Rob remained at his King's side whilst cleaning off his drills to make them more efficient. "What would you like me to do in the mean time? I noticed that there has been a lot of tremors lately when I was digging your cellar. Should I go investigate some more?"
Monte thought this might be a good idea to test out exactly what abilities he had. "No, I think I'll try out what sort of power I have in this place. RISE MY LOYAL ARMY OF ICE!" the room turned into a rainfall of icicles as sharp spikes of ice broke as the slammed into the ground, the shattered pieces clumping together in random fashions and forming a crudely made trio of warriors.
The first of the three was a simple construct with one leg bigger than the other, his waist and forearms were wider than his spike of a back, while his chest was simply a row of slabs of ice seemingly put together at random.
"My lord, you requested us, you Royal Army!" Monte looked in astonishment at first, and then looked disappointed at just making three soldiers.
"What's wrong my lord?" the ice soldier said bluntly.
"Nothing! I just... you know... expected more."
Rob laughed at his Lords power. "Sire, I don't think you should be complaining, you just gave life to three ice sculptures. Quickly now, come up with names for them!" Rob said excitedly.

Tim, Gan, and Bones, were running, because of a simple reason. The Kingdom of Ice was under attack, from an unknown assailent seemingly from the depths of Hell.
"Crap! Crap! Crap! We've got to tell Matt about this!" Bones said as he dodged the tiny arrows that scratched away at his bones. Tim looked up as Gan ran like crazy, the zipper mouthing the words that gan was thinking at an incredible rate. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU RUNNING FOR!?" Tim screamed at Bones. "You're the biggest one of all three of us. I don't think you should be the one running! I think you should be the one attacking! We're the one that're s’posed to be running!"
Bones thought about the logic of this and decided that it was a far better idea to listen to the floating eyeball.
The giant flaming skeleton stopped running and stood to his full height of one hundred and eighty feet. The bones in his hands restructuring themselves into triple cannons.
"You're right Tim, I think you should be the one running. I'll be fine, after all, I survived the attack by Monte, so I should-" but by the time he looked back the duo had already disappeared.
"Damn Them! Oh well, I have more important things to worry about. BONE SHOCKER!" he bellowed and the result was amazing. The cannons whirred and spun, each bone barrel firing off a ball of light blue plasma that bounced three times then exploded with the force of five thousand hiroshimas at four times the range. But instead of just blowing everything away, it sucked everything into the center one second after it detonated, holding everything in place whilst the explosion turned the threat into piles of dust. "Wow, that worked even better than I-"
"Dreadnought strikers GO!" the voice shouted, reaching all of his remaining forces. Massive Dreadnought’s slowly came out of the cloud covering, each with four billion cannons, all aimed at Bones.
"Oh my fucking-"
"FIRE AT WILL!" the next few hours, Bones was busy either dodging the boulder like projectiles or firing back with his bone shocker, which surprisingly didn't do that much damage when the balls of plasma finally reached his target. The explosions in contrast to the size of the Dreadnoughts themselves looked like sparks off a match being lit.
Bones didn't know what to do as he saw what he was in for. "Well, there's no real choice then. I have to up the level a little bit! SKELETON SHOWER!" Again the bones in his hands reformed themselves and fused together to make one big cannon that jutted out of the ground and formed a shield.
"Please god let this work, if it does I'll never look at undead porn again!"
The combined sound of forty Dreadnaughts firing a combined number of one hundred and sixty billion rapid fire cannons, each of which shot six hundred boulder sized grenades, onto a singular area of seven hundred feet was deafening to even the mountains. Bone’s shield chipped and cracked under the strain and the force of the impact of the onslaught.
"I don't know how much more of this I can take!" he shouted in fear.

Seahorse heard the explosions from far across the borders of her Lord's kingdom. She also saw what was attacking what and had already split into Dartfish, Whalefish, and Clown fish and ordered them to help anyway that they could. Dartfish sped over to Chelve as fast as she could to deliver the news of the attack.
"My King!" She said in out of breath fashion. "An unknown army is attacking the Kingdom of Fire!" Chelv paced up and down his throne room trying to come up with the best strategy for taking over the other two kingdoms.
"Do go on." Was all he said in a calm manner.
"Chelv, is it just me, or do you actually want someone in the Grefnu colony to die? I mean, doesn't this mean anything to you at all?" Dartfish said as she rearranged her bone structure so that it was more bipedal, she ran over to Chelv.
"Yes, it does mean something to me Dartfish, it does. This whole 'Three kingdoms business is a bit, I don't know, I’ll planned. So I was thinking that-"
"MY LORD! The Grefnu are under attack by an unknown army and all you can do is think of ways to take leadership? Pathetic."
Chelve smiled as he realized what Dartfish had just said. "OF COURSE! What better way to take leadership of the Grefnu colony then to help those in need! I love you!"
There was a brief awkward pause in which Dartfish asked in Seahorse's voice "Ok, do you love ME, or Dartfish?"
"This isn't the time for romantics! We need to come up with a plan and fast! The Grefnu are under attack!" Dartfish mumbled something about the conversation getting totally twisted around, but she dropped it as soon as her king voiced his thoughts.
"Okay, this is what we'll do! Tell Clownfish and Whalefish to help out whoevers under attack, regardless of the threat, then get a message out to the Kingdom of Ice requesting assistance in this matter. I'll be helping the Kingdom of Fire out at the epicenter of all this, so come straight to me and we'll deal with this together. Is that understood?" Chelv commanded, excited for the opportunity to lead coming so early in their Colonies lifespan.
"Yes my King, I am off at once."
The conversation that just happened was transmitted to Whalefish and Clownfish. Since they weren't as fast as Dartfish it would take some time before they were able to reach the Kingdom of Fire. Dartfish rocketed over to the Kingdom of Ice to deliver the message that Chelve gave her to give to Monte, and soon after sped over to the Kingdom of Fire to warn Matt that one of his souls was in danger.
The situation was getting worse by the minute.
This unknown army was too strong for any one of them to face alone.
And as much as Chelve would have loved to let the kingdom of fire fall to an outside influence.
He knew that Seahorse would have just bitched at him for being so heartless.
King Tyran was a ruthless person in another life, he was devastating, huge, powerful beyond belief. Right now though, he was busy planning the downfall of all five other kingdoms. His lead Dreadnought, Scourge, was busy with thirty nine others attacking one of the Kingdom of Fires Generals.
"ATTACK AT FULL FORCE!" He barked into the mega phone beside his chair. The various monitors around him showing different viewpoints. The creature he was attacking was a huge skeleton that seemed to be of crystallized fire.
"LOAD FASTER OR ILL LOAD YOU NEXT GUNNER!" He was formerly the leader of a ruthless russian gang that had terrorized moscow for nearly thirty years.
The gunner looked at his captain with a certain amount of fear. He knew what would happen if he died, that he would just be born back into the same Kingdom again and again without end. Since he was just a hologram just like everything else in the metal sphere was, the only things that seemed to be holding the world together were force fields and holograms. But Tyran didn't care about that. And this was why he loved this world so much.
The explosions, chipping away at the target’s shield slowly but surely.
"I want the whole fleet to raise another ten thousand feets and form a double helix formation on my mark! Ready? MARK!" The fleet of the forty Dreadnoughts screamed into the sky, higher and higher they went until they were given the order to stop and circle the target until it was destroyed. Tyran was twenty feet tall, a good deal shorter than Bones and bigger than any of the other kings. He was also a great tactician, and in combination of his fleet, he was a force to be reckoned with.
"Sire, it seems that one of our Dreadnaughts has fallen to returning fire!" the Sarge Brigadier said without haste.
"Well, how did they return fire? i thought they had no weapons!" tyran shouted angrily.
"They're using our own ships against us Sire, it seems that their lobbing them back at us with great accuracy to the point... well, they're basically hitting the ship’s engines near the fuel salage."
"Well then, move faster and blow them away!"
The boulder sized grenades launched faster and faster to Tyran's glee. His one good eye swiveled in its socket to a person standing beside him and the cigarette that she was smoking dropped out of her mouth.
"I thought I told you to hold off on all attacks until a PROPER chance showed itself. Perhaps I gave you a little too much to work with Tyran?" the person snapped their fingers, their form hidden in the shadows. Half of Tyran's fleet had been torn in half by unseen hands. The resulting chain explosions rocked the Scourge as if it were just a rock in a glass jar.
"Y-you said that you would not interfere with our operations!"
The person smiled gleefully as he set things straight.
"Tyran, Tyran, Tyran, Tyran... I gave you a Kingdom of your own, the finest technology a King could ask for." Her foot steps light and silent, much to Tyran's fear. Her blonde hair and blue eyes glowing in the overhead light of the small encapsulated room.
"I must say that I am disappointed in you Tyran. What I specifically said was ‘I have given you a kingdom to the both of you to do as you see fit. But, know that I am your superior. And you will do as I say, when I say it, exactly how I say it." She could smell the sweat come off Tyran's square face.
"You know the rules of this game better then I, is this not true Tyran?" Her voice was as sweet as honey and twice as deadly, if used in the right way.
"Y-yes, my Queen, that is what you said, but if-"
"No buts, Tyran, withdraw your Dreadnaught fleet right now, or I'll destroy the other half, along with your precious Scourge you seem to care about so much. Do you understand me?" she held her hand up to his face and got ready to snap her fingers again.
"Y-y-y-yes, my Queen, I will withdraw-" He shakily reached for the microphone and blurted out the order. "I-I-I want a F-Full R-Retreat... no, NO! NO, NO, NO! EVERYONE, FULL FORCE! ATTACK THAT THING!" Tyran's eyes turned back to the Queen with rage in his eyes. "Yes I am fully aware of the rules and regulations of 'This Game' as you so well put it, but upon this vessel you will listen to me, and I will not be bossed around by a mere woman aboard my ship. Now is THAT understood!?" His voice full of confidence that he hadn't experienced in so long that he forgot to keep his eyes on her hand.
There was a clicking sound as her middle finger and thumb slammed together and the most frightening sound was made.
The worst sound he could've ever heard, and in slow motion, his eyes looked out the window as his ships were being torn apart one by one on either side of him. "I told you that I'M your superior, and you disobeyed a direct order from me. Now you're going to pay the price. Enjoy the show... Tyran." With that the Queen vanished in a wisp of smoke, and the remaining ships exploded except for the scourge. he knew he had gotten lucky just then. But he still wasn’t finished with the kingdom of fire just yet.
"Orders, Sire? The Sgnt. Brigadier said with a little bit of hope in his voice.

The Creator sat in his throne and watched the chaos of his creation unfold before his very eyes. His kingdom was simple and not very complex. The building itself were made of ivory bricks the size of station wagons, ornately decorated in orange and green swirls that moved to and from with the time of day. His kingdom only had one building in it, and he was not a man who wished to be grand or deadly, strong in offence or defence. The Creator's kingdom simply had one four hundred mile high tower. His throne had a multitude of controls for the hundreds of cameras he had implanted in various aspects of the metal sphere itself. Inside his throne room there were four wall sized flat screen LCD TV's with ten screens each. The Creator seemed fixated on one screen in particular.
"Are you enjoying the show?" a female voice called out to him. Full of both poison and honey.
"Oh, quite so my Que-" The Creator stopped short of finishing the sentence. He realized that, since he was the creator of the world contained within the metal sphere, that she didn't outrank him in terms of ruling class. In age however, there was a severely strong difference.
"There really is no need for me to call you my Queen, or mistress, or any of this other Tom Foolery that you all seemed to have embroiled yourselves into. I simply wish to watch the events unfold on these fours screens."
The Queen walked up to the throne and looked back at every TV. Noting the various landscapes, how different everyone looked in each colony, and the sheer amount of activity that seemed to be happening all over the sphere.
"I do have a question for you, Creator." she asked as she took a deep breath.
"Please, you may ask me anything you wish."
The old man said. His grey eyes flickering from one situation to the next, only controlling the camera angles for which he saw the things he did. "This world... This metal sphere... It's not very big is it? For you to have launched it, if it were as big as we see it as is, would have taking tremendous power and money. Am I correct?"
The old man smiled slightly as he adjusted his bifocals onto the bridge of his well adjusted nose. "No. You are correct in assuming that this place that you see before you, isn't actually the size it is. In fact, the metal sphere itself, is simply the size of a tennis ball. Nothing more than a highly advanced simulation. Even for the Stren, who have discovered the millions of secrets of the universe, who have also discovered a way for universal harmony to exist. Even for them it was extremely advanced."
The Queen was shocked to hear this.
"So, you're telling me, that this world, is nothing more than a small object, floating through space? Then... Then what is the purpose of our continued existence?" She was flustered, the Queen had just learned a world shattering fact.
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My fairy tale [25 Jun 2015|11:54pm]


When I asked the universe to give me a fairy tale, I didn't think I would get a fairy. But that pretty much what's happened since the day I opened my mouth and uttered a wish that got lost in translation.

That's why our conversation keeps going around like a loop. "Why do you love me?" No, "Why do you love ME?"

The first kiss was the product of a double gin and tonic. We've had a lot of wine babies together, too.


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Freestyle #1 The beginning [26 May 2015|08:31pm]

[ mood | inspired ]

Let me be clear about something.

I am the fucking prize.

I know this because I know so. No explanations needed.

But for those who need some introduction, I'm the funny, smart and sexy girl-next-door that every mother in town wants as their future daughter-in-law.

I'm not exactly the life of the party nor the prettiest rose in the bunch but when it comes to substance and style, I'm top shelf.

No wonder I'm still single.

Dating me is not dinner or a cup of tea. It is a Greek odyssey.

Courting me is a test of endurance.

I'm not just a treasure. I'm a treasure hunt.

This is why I'm still single.

Or so I was up until three months ago. I came across something new. Something I haven't felt before. Could it be?

Anyone who's ever fallen in love will have suffered the telltale signs of this ridiculous, irrational, self-destroying, intoxicating, reason-defying thing called ...

And I'm really hoping it's not because ...

On the face of it, my love story is boiler plate material for a romantic film. Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy's shoes. Boy and girl become best friends. Fell in love. Lived happily ever after.

There's one slight hitch. The boy also likes boys. Bisexuality, transsexuality, "a phase" - call it what you like - are easy to discuss in theory but hard to face in real life.

It turns out I'm a closet conservative: all for same-sex marriage, equality on all things, different strokes for different folks - up until the very moment that these liberal, alternative, gender-crossing lifestyle affects me. Me! The fucking prize.

Again, this wouldn't have been a problem if he said he loved me and I didn't love him back.

The problem is, well, he is also a fucking prize.

This is our story.

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[08 May 2015|05:12pm]

Haven't posted here in a long time but I thought I would give it a shot. I'm starting to write a story in a genre I've never really written in before and I just was wondering if anyone wanted to read it and give me their opinions or something. It's just the very beginning of the story.

Genre: Original femslash
Rating: G because it's just the beginning
Setting: The late 1960's
story hereCollapse )
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Сделка [23 Apr 2015|06:53pm]


Author: ds380@livejournal.com
Name: "The Deal"
Ganre: Short story, fiction
Version: 2015-02-13, Russian

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7 Things You Need To Know About Your Target Audience [19 Apr 2015|02:00pm]

1. Know Who They Are

This one goes without question. There's no point writing a book for children, for example and filling it full of adult themes and language. Whenever you put pen to paper (or cursor to screen!) you should always have your target audience in mind: what do they want to read? What language do they know? What themes would they find interesting? What will make them want to keep on reading? Then use this as a guide to your writing. As I'm writing a series of Young Adults (YA) books set in space I always try to think about what a teenager's reaction would be when they're reading it: What do they think of the main characters? What would they find cool? What would make them run off to their friends and tell them all about it?

2. What Subjects Do They Want To Read About?

Ever since J.K Rowling published the Harry Potter books, Children's and YA fiction has been dominated by genre books: books that feature wizards, monsters, alien worlds, and parallel universes, etc. Any author who writes for this age group has to be aware of this and dream-up suitable plots and settings accordingly. Children and YA's want to read books that are in a similar vein to what they've already read. One has only to look at Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and The Olympians to see how much it ties in with the Harry Potter series: a realm of magic, a disadvantaged male protagonist, an absent father, a close-knit group of friends, a female character that is initially brighter and more knowledgeable than the male protagonist ... the list goes on ... this is not to say that it's a rip-off - it's just that the author has read the Harry Potter series, taken it on board, and re-packaged it in his own distinctive way to make it sufficiently original for his target audience to buy in their droves.

3. What characters Do They Want To Read About?

Again using Children's/YA fiction as an example, an 11 year old kid is highly unlikely to be very interested in following an adult protagonist - they want to read about someone who they can RELATE to - someone who looks like them, talks like them, and does the things they do. Every child on the planet can easily relate to Harry Potter and Hermione Granger because - magic aside - they are NORMAL people thrust into a magical setting over which they have no control. Deep down every child reading about Harry Potter or Percy Jackson wishes they were him, because in a way they already are.

4. What Settings Do They Want To Read About?

When I first heard that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was rejected twelve times by publishers I was amazed - what kid wouldn't want to read about a kid going to magic school? It seems like an obvious thing that a young person would be into. Now, if Harry Potter was merely camping in the rainy Lake District instead of living it up magic-style at Hogwarts, J.K Rowling's target audience might have been less impressed and as a result less forthcoming with their hard-earned pocket money. Ultimately, J.K Rowling's genius was to stir the imaginations - just like you have to - of her readership to such a degree that they talked about nothing else for eons.

5. What Plots Do They Want To Read About?

The writer's job is to create convincing storylines for their target audience and then fill it with all kinds of twists and turns that will ultimately make the reader recommend the book to someone else. Here the writer also has to be the reader: What would you find exciting and surprising? Place yourself in their shoes and then write accordingly. Sometimes the writer has to give the reader exactly what they expect (The Battle of Helm's Deep towards the end of J.R.R Tolkien's The Two Towers comes to mind here) and deliver it well, which is no easy feat, but other times the writer has do the unexpected and create new avenues for the reader to walk down. J.K Rowling did this so well with the death of Sirius Black and Professor Dumbledore in books 5 and 6 of the Harry Potter series, and the same too can be said of the infamous Red Wedding scene in George R.R Martin's A Storm of Swords. Remember you're an entertainer - so go on entertain!

6. How Do Other Authors Do It?

A good writer is also a good reader. To write successfully for your target audience you also have to read around a lot and see how other authors do it. For example Stephen King, one of the greatest writers of our time, reads between 70 and 80 books a year. Now, I don't get anywhere near that myself - I'm not a professional author with 7 days free to both read and write - but I do read for at least 1-2 hours every day. Reading keeps the writer aware of their target audience and what books they are prepared to pay money for. At the end of the day it's an investment not just in their future, but also yours too. So go on read a book!

7. Get Some Feedback

Okay, so you've finished your book. Now you must get some of your target audience to read and review it. What do they think? What do they find interesting? What do they find uninteresting? How do they think you can improve it? What do they think of the key characters and the main plot points? etc etc. Once you've finished soliciting their opinions, use them as a guide in the editing process until you arrive at a final draft that your target audience will accept and hopefully fall in love with.

Final Word

If you want to read my novel - Jack Strong and the Red Giant - about a bullied, 12 year old boy's adventures in space check out the link below:

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I'm the Newbie. [23 Mar 2015|04:01pm]

Hello all! I'm new to this, so if I do anything wrong, please let me know. I don't bite. :)

I will be posting some snippets, stories and prompts on my page, if you are interested.

There is a new Prompt for today, and my beginning take on it, so feel free to check it out.

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I am a grain of sand (re-write) [22 Mar 2015|01:23am]

[ mood | creative for once ]

I am a grain of sand. Once, I had lived my entire life among my brothers and sisters, broken from the same rock, pressed together so even the water takes no space between us. A collection of us is indistinguishable from any other collection, but individually, we are so very unique.

Long ago, back when I was on the top layer, I could see the water flow and the sea creatures move above and among us. And beyond the creatures and the water was the sky.

Oh, how I enjoyed the sky! It changed as often as the water did: sometimes clear and greenish-blue, sometimes redder or an oppressive inky blank. Sometimes it was dotted in white shapes, sometimes it was gray and stormy and so violent that it churned the water above me into currents. But that’s if the water was clear enough to see the sky.

Occasionally these storms would move the water so much that we gains of sand would also be moved, and some of my brothers and sisters would either shift places, or be carried so far away that I would never see them again. Such is the way of sand; we must be carried or buried by others, without a say in where our when we must go.

It was during one of these storms that my life changed. It was a storm like any other. It churned my kin around me until I was almost atop an entire pile of us. But then a great wave swooped forward and swept me away! I knew at last what the water must feel like: dizzyingly flowing from one place to the next, pressing on and on in a giddy way until you feel you can be pushed no further. Then CRASH! I was hurled on to more grains of sand like I had been thrown, and there I was deposited. The water receded, and tried to drag me back with it, but left me behind!

My experience had only begun. Smaller clusters of water fell upon us repeatedly, trying to separate each gain from another and take it back to the sea. This I learned, was called rain. And with the rain came the wind. If I had not been cemented to these strange grains of sand by the water, I am sure the rain would pull me back to my home, but only if the wind did not pick me up and carry me to parts further unknown first!

But as they do, the storm ended. And the world I saw that morning was unlike the world I knew! The sun - which I knew to be a bright floating blob in the sky - was perfectly round! It was warmer and brighter than I could have ever imagined! The sky itself was more blue than any blue I had ever known existed, but in some shrimp I once met. Color above the water was far more intense, as was heat, and even the varied ways we were carried around.

I learned of all manners of land creatures. (Land is the name of the places above the water.) There were birds and bugs and mammals and Frisbees and kites and shovels and pails and dogs and turtles and even the odd crab that made its way from the water. And then there were humans.

I suppose they came with their varieties. They had as many different kinds as the sand. Some were pink, some were blue, some were patterned, some were complex. Every one of them was a nuisance. Occasionally, humans would make their way out to the sea, but the most I ever saw of them before were their boats and some swimmers. All sea creatures that could flee would flee from them. And when I got to land, they would sit on the sand, churn us up, or take some of us with them!

I think it was because of a human that I am where I am today. On that day, the sun was shining, and it pleasantly warmed me until I was sure I would also become a sun. The waves had not bothered me that day, and the sky was still. For a moment, a shadow passed over me. I thought noting of it, until I felt the other sand disturbed. Then I was flying.

Much like being picked up by a gust of wind, or being possessed by the waves, it was a brand new feeling, welcome and strange. The sky got closer to me and the world around me swung first one way, then another. The sun was swinging in much the same way until it all abruptly stopped.

Then I had a brief sensation of falling, spilling spilling with my kin out of what my brothers tell me was a red pail. We had been gathered in it and carelessly tossed out to the water. Occasionally, I would hear a growing thud thud thud and felt more and more weight spill upon me, then thud thud thud, the noise would recede. But for me eventually, all was blackness and shadow.

I cannot say how long it has been since that day. Twenty sunrises? twenty thousand? I cannot help but feel that I will never see day again, never feel stirring creatures around or above me, never feel the current or see the beautiful sky. For I have been buried among my family.

Oh, if I could weep, then I would! If I could scream like so many seagulls I had seen and heard and known from my time on land! But time means so little to me now, because all I know is the oppressive weight of my kin and the water above. And I know

I will soon become stone.

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Elisha Cuthbert: ♥ Household cleaning the washing machine tour, ladyidiy chores. [06 Mar 2015|12:23pm]
Elisha Cuthbert: ♥ Household cleaning the washing machine tour, ladyidiy chores.
wigsratings March 5, 2015

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I’m “Ladyidiy”. I only speak for myself!
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Emma Roberts: ♥ Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen! [03 Mar 2015|11:44am]
Emma Roberts: ♥ Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!
admin March 1, 2015 About Us, celebrity hairstyle, Customer Witness, Ladyidiy Video, Luck From Yourself, Media Report, Redbook, Uncategorized No Comments

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some one should keep track of these stories. ”
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[28 Feb 2015|05:59pm]
Holly Holm: ♥ Men pretended to be unfaithful girlfriend angered, you are the aliens?
wigsratings February 28, 2015

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Writing Dump [28 Feb 2015|03:10am]

Title: Buddy, member of the Superior Race (a.k.a. Cats)
Genre: Humor, Slice of Life
Rating: G
A/N: From my cat's perspective.
Summary: A scene from the life of a cat.

Title: Fish
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Rating: G
A/N: Takes place in my original fantasy universe (that's currently untitled), a childhood scene of the two main characters, siblings Welyn and Raewyn Lyons.
Summary: Welyn, a small five year old boy, stood in the stream’s shallow, up to his knees.

Title: Enough
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Takes place in the same universe as Fish, with the same siblings, all grown up and in some serious trouble.
Summary: She had gone too far.
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A try at writing a long story [05 Feb 2015|08:41pm]

After a period of hiatus on writing, I finally grew the motivation to dwell back in writing fiction. The first chapter of this story was written six months ago and the later two chapters few days ago. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can read through the chapters and tell me anything that they thought about it, critical criticisms are more than welcome.

Chris Lee had been having hallucinations which were induced by his PTSD after being kidnapped.
One night, he awoke with a knife and blood in his hands, next to him was a dead body with blood all over his chest - a deadly stabbed wound in its heart.
Chris couldn't remember how he got there and what had happened that night.
Would Chris be able to solve this crime in a justice way? Or was he really the criminal who murdered?

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Supernatural (As the story progresses in the future)

Click here for the story
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Seduced By Darkness [04 Feb 2015|09:01pm]

If you're looking for a steamy new read then look no further. Please stop by and treat yourself to a deliciously sinful short story written by me. Here is the link. Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think of it so far.

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Do You Believe? (A Short Story) [31 Jan 2015|07:03am]

Chastin is a cold blooded vampire with a jaded past. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself and wishes to cause nothing but pain on humans who walk this wretched earth. He ends up meeting Isabella and is instantly fascinated by her. He is drawn to her by some unknown force and because his hunger takes over, he ends up feeding on her trying to take her innocence. While he feeds on her he ends up swallowing half of her innocence and half of his tortured soul is ripped from him and thrown into her.

Isabella is a struggling 18 year old who just aged out of foster care and is trying to learn how to manage and take care of herself. She was sheltered for most of her life so when she aged out of care she doesn’t know how to do anything for herself and therefore is nothing more than a lost child in an adult world. Although she is innocent her past is also a bit jaded. After many years of treatment, once she finally reclaims her innocence she has it ripped from her by the hands of the cold blooded vampire who she made the grave mistake of trusting. And as if that isn’t enough, now half of his rotten soul lives within her.

On that fateful night two very different, yet somewhat similar souls were attracted to each other only to be ripped from their hosts and united as one. Now both Isabella and Chastin have a part of each others soul lodged within them and they have to find a way to get their whole soul back. The only problem being, once Isabella is tainted, will she be able to find the innocence within her before the darkness swallows her whole? And will Chastin be able to reclaim his tainted soul before his new found innocence makes him fall for the very thing he hates the most?
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Fiction - Solace [17 Jan 2015|01:00pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hi, I'm new here having just found this community.

If it's OK with you I'll dive right  in. I wrote a short story called 'Solace' to break out of a block. I've posted it on my LJ page if you'd like to read.

It's based on the above image from the Writeworld tumblr site, which came with the mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this picture. Write something about the picture.

I hope you enjoy.

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Existential Nihilism - 4 [04 Jan 2015|12:03pm]

- Shall we share another bottle of this splendid rosé? – Framboise asks, and now, with her being drunk, her Danish is almost inaudible, drowned at the swampy bottom of her French utterances.
- I need to go home and check on my niece. If she had done her homework or something…that must be checked.
I certainly have no intention of checking Siri’s homework. All I know about the kid, although we’ve been living together for more than an year now, is that she goes to a high school on Sankt Kjelds gade, and when the occasion calls, the pupils there have to wear those ugly uniform hats that bring on to me the picture of a provincial brass band. She studies a lot, plays drums in some heavy metal group and never fucks. This is what I know for sure.
Her mother, my bigger sister, died in embarrassing circumstances, but in general, she too was a good kid 30-35 years ago. We are Croatian. Read moreCollapse )
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Help me get published! [30 Dec 2014|07:32pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi guys!

I'm new here- both to livejournal and this group- but my friend said this was a really great site so I'm excited to explore, and I'm hoping you can help me with something.

Basically, I'm in a contest through http://tablo.io, where the top five novels at the end of the month get their books considered for publication by Pan Macmillan.

Obviously this is a huge opportunity, and it could be the break that I've been waiting for.
Right now, I'm at number five, and the contest ends tomorrow; if you could help me out I would really, really appreciate it.

You can help me out by visiting my book at bit.ly/fearthesmilers; every single time a new person clicks on that link it counts as a read and, right now, I am less than fifty reads away from third place.

You can also help by signing up for a free account with tablo.io and both following my book, and liking it by clicking the heart so the background of the heart symbol goes white. I'd totally recommend making an account with Tablo anyway, since it's a great site with an active community and it's a great way to increase your readerbase as well as discover new talent.

I'd really appreciate any help that you see fit to throw my way, but if you want to read Wander then maybe you'd like to hear a little more about it.

Wander follows the eponymous Wander, a young girl walking the wastelands of the USA, sixteen years after a mysterious event- called, for lack of a better word, the infection- decimated the population.

Nobody knows where the infection comes from, or how it spreads; what is known is that it causes people to surrender to their most base emotions, the worst of which are the Smilers- sinister figures overcome with pure joy. Everything makes them happy, and they want nothing more than to make you laugh- and they won't stop until they do.

When she meets a young man called Dagger, on the run after Smilers invaded his Camp, she begins a journey that will push her past her limits to a town called Sanctuary- the one safe place left on the continent.

Even if you just click that link, it'd help me immensely by keeping me within the top five, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider signing up for a free account to heart and follow it for a little extra security.

I'd also like to show off the awesome cover, designed by West Coast Covers. If you need a cover, consider them; this took only a couple of hours and only cost $45.
wander cover

Please, please, please just visit bit.ly/fearthesmilers, and think about making a free account to heart/follow it.


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Existential Nihilism - 3 [30 Dec 2014|10:50am]


- On prends un verre après les classes?
This is Mademoiselle Framboise, from the Linguistic Department. Slender, around 55, already in menopause and happily horny all the time. A true little French raspberry. And she knows whom to ask the right questions. She pops her head into my office and finds me without my shoes on, playing mini-golf.
- Pourquoi pas? – I shrug my shoulders. – C’est vous qui payez?
- Bien sûr, cherie, - she smiles broadly; if she stretches her mouth muscles a bit more, she can play the Joker in the next Batman movie.
We’ll probably go to Bistro Pastis at the corner of Gothersgade and Adelgade. I don’t like the place and besides I never miss to spill red wine on the clinically white tablecloths. I’ve calculated that if they kept throwing the ones I have spilled wine on, they would have run out of tablecloths so far. Fortunately, there is Ariel, which is effective against everything – wine stains, blood stains and possibly heartaches.
- Do you feel French sometimes, toi? – Michelle asks me when we take a sit at a table by the window. – Because I personally feel French all the time, although I rarely leave this so un-French town, - she makes a face expressing something between „I am cold here” and “I should’ve stayed in Saint Chély du Tarn and baked pastries”
- You ARE French, Michelle.Read moreCollapse )
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Looking for Fellow Samurai Champloo Fans [28 Dec 2014|08:51pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

First let me be clear that this actually is relevant to fiction...it's fanfiction. I've been writing a fic for the anime Samurai Champloo, it's a post series story focusing mostly on the Mugen and Fuu pairing, or Fuugen, with a touch of Jin and Shino, aka Jino. I'm nearing the end of said fic, and do have ideas for a sequel...but I would like to discuss them with another fan, just to bounce them off someone else.

The fic that's currently being posted is called What's Best for Fuu. You can read it here.

If you happen to have an fanfiction.net account, we can talk in PM. If not, then we can talk here, I suppose, or come up with other ways to communicate.

Basically, I'm looking at a next generation type fic. But with what I want to do, it might be better as two stories. Not sure.

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