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SuperCat Fanfics [07 Jan 2017|01:25am]

Title: Falling
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Plot: Cat Grant is falling, falling, falling, fallen for Kara Danvers.
Status: Complete

Title: The Origins of Love
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: "I'm so scared of you."
Status: Complete

Title: Where Have You Gone
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Cat Grant went missing and after Supergirl found her nobody could have dreamed of what she had been put through, what caused her to lose her memory. Now as they try and piece together what happened Cat and Kara grow closer. And so does danger.
Status: Ongoing

Title: Courage, Dear Heart
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Kara paints Cat when she misses her and it always seems to rain when Cat cries.
Status: Complete

Title: Cat
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff/Angst/AU
Plot: Some people change your life forever. (Carol AU)
Status: Ongoing

Title: I'm Christmas-ing With You
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Prompt 1 for @SunniHolliday, Kryptonian Christmas. Cat and Kara aren't the biggest fans of the holiday Christmas but they might start to like it if they spend it with each other.
Status: Complete

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Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne [12 Dec 2016|03:29pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
A new sea creature captured international attention.  Academics, seamen, and mystics, among other professionals drew conjectures about the identity of their obsession.  Professor Pierre Aronnax determined the creature was an unusually large sea mammal.  Yet, he could not resist the opportunity to verify his conclusion.  Hence, he boarded the Abraham Lincoln with a large crew, including his assistant Conseil and renowned harpooner Ned Land.  The crew is discouraged after many uneventful nights, until they saw an enormous dark object surrounded by fluorescent light.     Captain Farragut ordered his livid crew to seize the long creature.  A chase ensues.  That even Land cannot penetrate with his harpoon, proving their objective is not a mammal.  Eventually, the Abraham Lincoln proved victorious but at a great cost, as Aronnax, Conseil, and Land were abandoned in dangerous waters.  Yet, the excitement just started, as subsequent adventures exceeded their imaginations.

The three men awoke to find themselves inside their objective and learn they are captives of a submarine led by Captain Nemo.  Nemo give them a tour of the Nautilus and provides for his prisoners.  But, he threatened them with execution if they attempted an escape.

The novel prison, the submarine life, and the mysterious personality of Nemo fascinated Aronnax.  Aronnax made copious notes of his internal and external surroundings, which shows Verne possessed considerable knowledge regarding physics plus aquatic life.  These details also reinforced the erudite personality of Aronnax.  The prisoners enjoyed excursions on land in Antarctica, and in Southeast Asia.  Otherwise, they travelled around the world underwater.  After several months of captivity, only Land openly tired of his circumstances.  Still, all three agreed to escape at the first opportunity.

Irony permeates the pages of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  First, Nemo, who condemned his oppressors, turned into an oppressor.  Second, Verne used Aronnax; Conseil; Land; and, Nemo to demonstrate that humans, even those who seemed complacent, will not accept repression indefinitely through bouts of repressed anger.  Aronnax vainly implored the bitter Nemo to be released.  Conseil joined his companions in multiple failed attempts to flee from the Nautilus.  Land had a volatile temper that increased with the duration of his imprisonment.  Finally, the liberation Nemo sought underwater transformed into captivity within a fixed parameter of iron plates.  Outside the Nautilus, animals and plants thrived without limitation. 
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Running From Them [23 Nov 2016|03:52pm]


"How long have we been running?" Tim asked while yanking off a twisted set of thorns from off his leg. Anne pressed her watch and a glow lit up a tiny section of the dark forest. "5:20 am." she said "It's been about two hours." Tim nodded, allowing himself to inhale and exhale. Small drops of blood dropped off his leg but he ignored the pain.

"That was scary as hell man." Anne said wiping away a tear. "I mean what kind of cop shoots another one?" Timothy looked over at Anne's worried expression. He just wanted to hold her, let her know everything would be okay but he couldn't. He didn't even know himself. He crossed his arms and swallowed. "Let's keep going." he muttered. "

"Why are we running? I mean can't we just throw the oxy out? Get another stash later?" Anne asked. Timothy shot her a look.

"Are you kidding me? If we drop it those other cops looking for us are going to find it and use it to track us." he kicked a stone "We'll sell it."

"Yeah it's worth a $20." Anne said.

They pushed the branches away, slapped away bugs and kept trudging through the forest floor. Tim's anger kept rising. He was just an amauter high school dealer. He didn't deserve this. His memory wandered...

Anne handed Timothy a $20. "That's $500 we got so far." she whispered to him. Tim handed a wild eyed, skittish teenager a bag. The boy snatched it and ran off like a rabid dog. Stupid people. Tim thought. Anne smiled. "I like the alley you picked behind the school." She looked at the graffiti. "There's character here." All the sudden, two police cars came wailing to the scene. Tim and Anne tried to run. "Hands in the air!" A woman officer yelled. Reluctantly, they both stopped and raised their hands. All the sudden, the second one got out the car and shot his partner. Blood went flying as the red headed woman hit the ground. "What the hell man?" Tim screamed as they started sprinting again. Unfortunately, the older man caught up too easily. The officer pointed a gun to them. "Hand me the money." he said. They backed up against the wall in disbelief. Finally, Tim threw him the wad of $500. The bills danced around the man as he smiled an evil smile. "That's all we made before youcame youfreak!" Anne shouted. The officer picked up the bills off the broken sidewalk. "You girls stay good now." he grinned then he got back in the car and drove off.

Anne felt a root at her foot and tripped, her head hitting a rock. "Ow!" she cried. Tim snatched her up. "Shut up." he said. He pointed ahead. It was a town just a few feet away. Tim picked off a leaf from his sweater. "There's a Motel 8 over there. Looks cheap. Let's go!" Anne said. They shot through and made it to the lobby.

The door dinged as it opened. "Can I help you?" An older Asian man said. He adjusted the business cards and coffee cups. "Sure, we need a room." Anne said as she plopped down a credit card. He swiped without hesitation. "Where'd you get that?" Tim hissed. "My mom." she whispered. They reached the hotel room. There were two flimsy beds with the thinnest comforter imaginable with dressers and a TV with three channels. But it was better than nothing. Suddenly, Anne's cell phone rang. "I told you to toss that out!" Tim said with anger heating up his face. "Whatever." Anne hufffed. She pressed the green button. She recognized the voice immediately. It was her exe's dad. A police.

"Anne don't hang up," he said "We've got cars coming to you but we saw the incident on the street camera. If you guys come in and answer all our questions, we'll forget all about the deal. All we need is your testimony." "You're liars." Anne hissed. The voice on the other line grew soft. "Anne, we're not lying to you. You're the only witness to this." Anne thought for a minute. "Who is it?" Tim growled. Anne tapped her fingers on the drawer then snatched the oxy out of Tim's pocket and flushed it down the toilet. "Hey! What are you doing? That's a $20!" he yelled. "You've got it." Anne said to the other line. "We're safe." she mouthed to Tim. "I'm never doing this again. We're going home."

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Book Review: Ubik by Philip K. Dick [22 Nov 2016|12:36pm]
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick (2) [10 Nov 2016|10:08pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick (2)
After reading this book, I appreciate the United States even more.  I hope others who read this book feel the same way.
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Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick [10 Nov 2016|01:30pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
This book is a science fiction novel about what might have happened if the Axis Powers won WWII.  According to Dick, the world would have been governed by those whose “egos have expanded psychotically so that they cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off.”  Germany and Japan would control half the United States.  Japan would govern the western portion.  Slavery would be legal.  Jews and Africans would be exterminated.  Americans would be subservient to the Japanese.  Artifacts of American history would be mere curiosities to the Japanese collectors.  Unsatisfied with ruling Earth, Germany would seek to conquer outer space.

Yet, even the most oppressive regimes cannot force everyone into permanent submission.  There will always be the brave souls who challenge authority.  Those who believe in righteousness successfully act upon their conviction that the yoke of oppression is intolerable.  They are the ones in whom a flame of hope in achieving what seems impossible keeps rising and propels their rebellion by burning through all self-imposed barriers.  Through Rudolf Wegener, who tries to prevent the unbridled German egotism; through Nobusuke Tagomi, a Japanese government official who never compromises his Buddhist upbringing to value life above all else; through Juliana Frink, who had her epiphany while reading a banned book describing a world in which the United States and England won WWII; and, through Frank Frink, who longed to win back his ex-wife by becoming a successful businessman, Dick shows that this enlightenment occurs at all levels in various ways.  But, first, one must have faith in oneself.  Second, one must be honest in identifying that impetus to act for righteousness.     

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Book Review: Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry [15 Oct 2016|09:59pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry
Thomas Pitt and Victor Narraway investigate a prostitute murdered in Buckingham Palace during after a dinner party at which four prominent men sought support from the Prince of Wales for their railroad project in Africa.  Each man, their wives, and the Prince of Wales, could have murdered the woman.  Justice must be served discretely and before Queen Victoria arrives to avoid a national scandal.        

Besides having a short amount of time, penetrating an opaque mist of secrecy surrounding each inhabitant and solving additional mysteries arising from each clue make solving the case more difficult for both men.  As Pitt tries to make sense of his discoveries inside Buckingham Palace, he finds himself entangled in a web of moral decay in which the most respectable of men will compromise himself for selfish interests.  He is appalled to find the epitome of propriety teeming with greed, hedonism, and personal suffering.  Meanwhile, Narraway seeks additional help from contacts who take him into the Africa wilderness where a scandal from years ago proves to be his most significant clue.

By illustrating how her characters of all classes grapple with following their consciences or their professional duties, and how some people will disregard human life for personal gain, Perry, again, provides a lot of insight into human psychology and social customs of Victorian England.   
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Book Review: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. [20 Sep 2016|02:00pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Miller, who was Catholic, foreshadows the devolution America as people become increasingly secular in his novel from 1959 A Canticle for Leibowitz.  Set in the 3100, A Canticle for Leibowitz addresses the onslaught against Catholicism that is relevant today.

This novel begins with Brother Francis, who is in isolation during Lent.  A stranger leads Brother Francis to a subterranean vault created by the founder of his order Isaac Edward Leibowitz.  After searching in vain for his wife Emily, Leibowitz founded an order of monks dedicated to preserving civilization by copying smuggled books of history; sacred writings; literature; and, science.  Brother Francis believes that Leibowitz wrote the documents his search uncovered, and that the skull belonged to Emily.  However, his superiors question the authenticity of these artifacts.  Brother Francis then fears that the beatification process of Leibowitz, already in place, may be threatened.  Eager that Brother Leibowitz achieves sainthood, Brother Francis obeys a summons to New Rome where the Pope resides.  Along the way, he is forced by a robber to relinquish his reproduction of scared manuscript.

Eventually, a secular regime dominates the country and wages an attack against Christian values.  What started as isolated incidents, the robbers lay in wait for travelers to New Rome, including Brother Francis, exploded into a federal policy of preserving power by force.  This regime even refuses to take responsibility for violating Divine and international laws by prevaricating when confronted with allegations of committing atrocities.  In time, victims of nuclear warfare compromise their faith by relying on euthanasia instead of God to end their pain, and the Catholic Church becomes an anomaly in an increasingly secular world.
Overall, Miller illustrates how society devolves as the role of Catholic values in daily life diminishes.  For instance, Miller uses discourse in Latin to emphasize the weakening presence of Christian principles, at least in America.  Latin, once the universal language in Catholicism, is now incomprehensible to many readers.  Furthermore, Dom Zerchi shows that members of the clergy understand the trials of those to whom they minister.  The clergymen grew up in the same world and experienced the same suffering.  However, they usurped their tribulations by deepening their relationships with God.
This novel is important for learning more about Catholicism plus the underlying reasons behind positions of the Catholic Church regarding euthanasia and nuclear weapons.
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Book Review: The Great Divorce: A Dream by C.S. Lewis [20 Sep 2016|01:57pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: The Great Divorce: A Dream by C.S. Lewis
A chance bus trip took the author to Heaven with many other passengers.  When they arrived in perfection, they had the choice of staying or leaving.
Through dialogues, which are rich with imagery and metaphors, Lewis that clarifies tenants of Christianity and explain why people eschewing a better life.  In Heaven, love is a more enriching, encompassing concept than on Earth and worldly possession are worthless.  In defiance of logic, letting go of the lifestyle to which one became accustomed is too overwhelming for many people.
Finally, The Great Divorce: A Dream makes Christian principles easy to understand and glaring the hypocrisy of human nature.
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Fiction Entry [29 Aug 2016|10:44am]

Hi. This will be my first entry in the community...
I am not fluent in english...
But I hope you'll come and check out this half-poem, half-story that I made.
I am unexperienced and this is also my first post in my journal.

I need some people to rate it and to tell me their honest opinions.
If this go well, I will make a novel based on this story.
Is it okay? Please check it out.

Title: No One Can Have You
Short Summary: A girl falling for a boy might seem typical but it isn't. When a girl falls in love, she needs to own him. She will have him. No one can stop her. I will have what I want. I will have him. Till death will us part. Will you love me?

Please Click Here If You're Interested.
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Book Review: Tales of the Islanders by Charlotte Bronte [19 Aug 2016|01:09pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Tales of the Islanders by Charlotte Bronte
Tales of the Islanders is a collection of adventures the Bronte siblings developed while playing with their toy soldiers.  The siblings unleash their vivid imaginations through stories of mythical creatures, lavish castles, and journeys through dark forests. 
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Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr [19 Aug 2016|12:57pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
All the Light We Cannot See is filled with several themes and precise descriptions of Europe from the 1930s to the 1970s.  One major theme presented in the title.  The title inspires hope to shine light a beacon of light in darkness like God always overcomes Evil.  Another major theme is that war only brings suffering to both sides, which is emphasized with graphic details of death and sadness.  A third theme is that humans are connected to each other through their actions.  A fourth theme explores how childhood affects adulthood.

This novel is primarily about Marie-Laure LeBlanc and Werner Pfennig, two children who grow up in pre-World War II Europe.  LeBlanc is a French girl who becomes blind at six-years of age.  Still, she has a happy childhood with her father in Paris.  Werner, a child prodigy, lives with his sister Jutta in an impoverished German orphanage.  The siblings keep each other company until Werner is sent to serve the German army.  Despite stark differences in their upbringings, the worlds of LeBlanc and Werner repeatedly collide through radio frequencies.  Despite the chaos of World War II, a love story unfolds, proving that nothing can extinguish the greatest treasure in life.  Additionally, Doer proposes that even the vilest human beings will exhibit compassion.  First, Werner protects a member of the French Resistance, despite is indoctrination of revealing opposing forces.  Second, Frank Volkheimer, who served with Werner, delivered the personal effects of a fallen fellow soldiers to his survivors.

LeBlanc is the most perceptive character.  Though unable to see military planes flying overhead or those around her fleeing their homes, she smells gasoline from those aircrafts and overhears hushed conversations about the war.  Her other senses also guide her through streets, make her aware of human nature plus the changes around her.  Aware of something terrible afoot, she asks direct questions about what is happening and feels dreadful about the future.

Werner senses that his role in the German army promotes evil but does nothing to stop the horror until his life is threatened.  Yet, Werner constantly compromises himself to avoid working in the coal mines where his father died.  His only hope for a different fate is uncovering enemies to then be annihilated by tracing their radio signals.

The other surviving characters are emotionally lonely in their struggles to overcome wartime trauma throughout adulthood.  They relive behavioral patterns from childhood.  Jutta becomes an algebra teacher who marries an accountant.  Their son particularly likes playing with his train sets.  Calculating numbers and mathematics were common themes for young Jutta, whose brother excelled in mathematics and science.  Werner spent hours teaching himself physics and trigonometry or fixing radios.  Light is present in multiple forms, the most powerful of which was invisible.  For instance, radio signals allowed Werner to locate enemies, though he could not see the air waves.  Through imagery, readers can vicariously feel the fear of being discovered; the pressure Werner imposes on himself to be valuable; the horror of anti-Semitism; the determination of LeBlanc to survive; and the anguish of war victims.  Overall, the female characters are more resilient.  Foremost, LeBlanc survives the German occupation of France.  Plus, Madame Manec, with whom LeBlanc lives while in hiding, organizes a group to defy the German army.
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Book Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick [17 Aug 2016|12:33pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick
Death, suspense, and romance combine to create an intriguing mystery story about triumph over tragedy, in which two scorned lovers are presented with an opportunity to experience true love.

Calista Langley resigned herself to helping others find companionship or romantic connections, after her former lover Nestor Kettering ended their engagement and married a more endowed woman.  Suddenly, Kettering resurfaces to win her affections again and end his loveless marriage.  At the same time, Langley receives tokens of mourning left by an unknown intruder.  Desperate to save her life, Langley reluctantly accepts the services of renowned novelist Trent Hastings, whose crime-solving skills acquired from writing detective stories may be of assistance.  Together, Langley and Hastings risk danger in the streets of London to uncover her mysterious stalker.  Meanwhile, Langley the growing independence of her brother Andrew, and Hastings tries to forgive himself for his past mistakes, along with the woman who broke his heart.

One theme is that, even after emotional pain, romantic longings linger like glowing embers, ready to be reignited.  Quick also educates readers on Victorian social customs, particularly those associated with funerals, and reveals how those rules got broken.
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Camp Eventide, a screenplay [30 Jun 2016|09:40pm]

Hi-di-ho! Want to read my screenplay Camp Eventide? You can do so here. Or check the rest of the post for a synopsis and the unofficial soundtrack. Ta.

You know the drillCollapse )
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Need reviewers for novel. [10 Jun 2016|05:38pm]

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I recently heavily revised my fantasy novel Saga Terra: Odysseus with the online program AutoCrit per a fellow author's guide of suggestions for e-book success, although I haven't been able to get any bloggers to review my story despite perusing several lists and contacting several people. Thus, I'm willing to email a PDF or .mobi (Kindle) copy of my novel to those who would be willing to post a three-star, four-star, or five-star review for my novel on its Amazon page, although I would wish those that would only give it one or two stars to personally contact me with suggestions on how I could really improve my narrative. More info at my book's Amazon page:


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Short Story - Legend Between Two Kingdoms [08 Jun 2016|03:37am]

Author: xXIvyVineXx
Title: Legend Between Two Kingdoms
Length: 1,278
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G
Summary: A tale revolving around two very different kingdoms, telling of both their times of peace and war, as well as an alliance against a common and greater enemy that proves to weave a never to be forgotton legend.

Legend Between Two Kingdoms
         Once existed two kingdoms, both complete opposites yet somehow in harmony. The kingdom residing in the great, darkwood forest that was known for it’s lively, for lack of a better word, people. Many a nights would one be lulled into sleep by the constant hum of activity coming from the streets, only seeming to slightly fade with the waning hours of night, never to disappear completely. However, it is exactly that constant hum that made the people at peace. They were people of companionship, thriving off of those around them for their happiness.
         The other kingdom was that of the great and wide plains that was known for it’s calm and subdued air that surrounded its people. Far from that of the forest, it’s streets were not silent; however, they were never too loud, the hum of people just enough to let one know that people did indeed reside there. Though that would seem appallingly boring for any of those belonging to the forest, it was just the way those of the plains liked it, a whisper like the winds that swept over their lands. The winds served as a comfort for those of the plains, soothing their spirits and giving them peace of mind.

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Short Story - Memories [08 Jun 2016|03:18am]

Author: xXIvyVineXx
Title: Memories
Length: 1,521 words
Genre: Romance of sorts
Rating: G
Summary: A short story following a nameless women as she remembers fond memories of times shared with her beloved while moving forward to accept a changing and challenging future.

        The irate sound of an alarm piercing through the cool morning air could wake her from her sleep, but it couldn’t free her from her seemingly never ending state of melancholy. In contrast to the sheets warmed by her body, very much alive despite her daze, the morning air of fall was a cool slap to the face, but she remained in her dazed state as she pulled the comforter away from her body and placed her feet on the smooth, wooden floor. Throughout the night it had engulfed and trapped the coolness that was growing with the changing of the seasons, but yet again her state of dazed melancholy could not be cracked.
        With the shuffling of feet being the only sound in the room, she brought herself to the bathroom with the slow and lifeless movements of a zombie. Like the in bedroom, the air bit into her skin, and its bright walls of blue illuminated by the fluorescent lights seemed to mock her for her dark and gloomy state. Only months ago they had shared this room in the mornings; stood side-by-side as each brushed their teeth and silently enjoyed the simple act of being in each other’s company, but now the half-empty room only served to increase the aching.


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Greetings! About me and my never ending endeavor to succeed through my writing [08 Jun 2016|02:47am]

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Seeing as I am a new member, I only see it fit that I introduce myself and all that there is to know about me and my purpose for being here. I ahve been dabbling in writing all of my life. It's become a passion of mine; however, my time is drawn thin between work and school and other varying events of my life so it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain writing regularly. However, I am still trying to find ways to go forward with my creations, improving those of the past and creating more for the future. I hope to continue writing as a means of living; however, I realize much practice is needed for that as I am still but an inexperienced novice. ^-^ I hope to further my skills in writing with the LiveJournal community's help! I look forward to any and all feedback that I receive and thank you for it in advance!

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Book Review: Love Unfeigned by Nadine C. Keels [14 May 2016|01:34pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Love Unfeigned by Nadine C. Keels
The Bible contains stories about enduring, unconditional love between a man and a woman.  Yet, many people believe that true love will always be an unrequited longing.  However, though skillfully-placed, sensory imagery, readers can vicariously experience their hearts’ desires and believe they are capable of true love.
Love Unfeigned is about Lorraine Tyson and Isaiah James, two children, who grow up together and learn to be honest with themselves and others following a series of tragedies.   In turn, they use the lessons from their experiences to become better people.  The character development proves that God is a redeemer through His unconditional love.  There are other Christian themes throughout the novella proving the importance of God.  For instance, the characters who are active in their church lead happier lives.  Additionally, Keels reminds readers that childhood crushes are conduits through which one can bliss by overcoming fear, rather than whimsical emotions to be repressed.  Each chapter has something exciting to discover, which also makes Love Unfeigned worth reading.
Note: This reviewer received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Southern Grown; A Debut [10 May 2016|11:29pm]

Author: SoftWordsofLove
Originally Posted In: SoftWordsofLove’s Journal
Fiction Title: Southern Grown
Chapter Title: There’s no chapter yet. This is just a taste.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Language, Adult Language
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional out of my own mind and woven of my own fantasies.
Summary: Delilah Suttner comes back home after years of being away because of her father’s death. Her hometown holds many heartaches and many elations for her. Will she stay and see what kind of live she can build for herself now that she’s older? Or will she go back to the California glamour she’s learned to call home?

Southern Grown, A Debut.Collapse )

I so look forward to feedback and constructive criticism! I know it's a bit rushed, and I planned on rewriting it, but I wanted to see what others thought first. Thank you for reading!

-Soft Words
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