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Book Review: Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie [17 Nov 2015|02:55pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie
Four sleuths and four alleged murderers convened at a dinner party.  None of them knew each other personally.  But, their host Mr. Shaitana knew dark secrets about the four alleged murderers.  Hours later, Mr. Shaitana was found dead with the knife left in his body. 

Each alleged murderer had a motive for making sure Mr. Shaitana kept his or her secret, making any one of them the culprit. Furthermore, each of them had an equal opportunity to murder Mr. Shaitana.  However, motive and determining who was most likely to execute the crime were irrelevant to exposing the murderer.  Instead, the four sleuths, Hercule Poirot included, had to learn who had enough gall to kill Mr. Shaitana while three other bridge players in close proximity vied for a wining hand.  Determining who bore that psychological composition required delving into the incriminating pasts of each alleged criminal.  The inquiries revealed stunning revelations, plus characteristics that made each suspect more likely to have murdered again.

Overall, the plot carries enough plot and suspense to keep readers guessing who murdered Mr. Shaitana.  More than ever, Christie explored human psychology to illustrate how crimes are committed in a similar fashion.
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ForbiddenFiction is looking to expand our team of authors, editors and proofreaders! [16 Nov 2015|01:17am]

Call for Submissions
Erotic fiction in all lengths, genres, sexualities and kinks!

ForbiddenFiction.com is a publisher devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We are seeking stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing. If it's a well written erotic story, we'll consider it.

Click for more information!Collapse )

ForbiddenFiction.com also has Free Memberships. Sign in to read new free fiction every day!
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Book Review: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie [04 Nov 2015|02:57pm]
Eight suspects gathered in a room for one last chance at confessing to the murder of Roger Ackroyd.  No one confessed.  Each of them had a motive for murder.  Some of them had placed themselves in a financial quagmire.  Some of them stood to inherit a significant sum.  One of them blackmailed the woman Mr. Ackroyd loved and was about to be exposed.  But, only one of the suspects would kill to keep a secret.

At the insistence of Flora Ackroyd, whose step-father was murdered, Hercule Poirot agreed to solve the case.  With the help of local physician, James Sheppard, Poirot uncovered shameful but useful secrets.  Moreover, Poirot proved how even supposedly insignificant details, such as time and the placement of objects helped identify a desperate killer plus solve other mysteries.

Overall, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is constantly intriguing with new revelations in each chapter.  Christie showed how common sense organized clues when solving complex mysteries.
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Book Review: Ordeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie [04 Nov 2015|02:54pm]
After moving into her house at Viper’s Point, Mrs. Rachel Argyle changed the name to Sunny Point.  However, changing the name did not protect Mrs. Argyle from domestic chaos, which caused her death.  One of her adoptive sons Jacko was tried and convicted for her murder.  He died in prison.  His remaining family accepted his conviction, and tranquility prevailed at Sunny Point.

An unexpected visit from Dr. Arthur Calgary, who proved that Jacko was innocent, destroyed the complacency.  Once again, the Argyle household worried about who among them murdered their matriarch in her home office.  The turmoil even strains relations among the household, as each member has a motive for murdering Mrs. Argyle.  Some of the family have their own theories.  Some of them suspect their own relations.  Some are reluctant to divulge their suspicions.  One of them makes too many of his own inquiries.  Dr. Calgary is aware of the pain his revelation brought to the inhabitants of Sunny Point.  Yet, he remains determined to have justice served on the real murderer.  Meanwhile, Dr. Calgary is unprepared for the web of secrets; deception; ingratitude; and, bitterness at Sunny Point exposed by his inquiries.

While serving justice is a noble endeavor, the ramifications of that quest may have ramifications for those who are innocent.  Nevertheless, as Christie demonstrates, accomplishing noblest task is worthwhile for all involved.
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Any Interest in a Story Exchange? [28 Oct 2015|09:05pm]

Hello Everyone!

So, I have been involved in the world of fanfiction since I was in the early teens, and I have done a few fic exchanges and they seem to be one of the only things that actually motivate for me to finish a fanfiction, and so I was wondering if people would be interested in a original story exchange.

If anybody is unfamiliar with fic exchanges, the premise is simple: a person write a fanfiction for someone and another person writes them a fanfiction in return. This concept can easily be translated to original fiction. If this idea generates enough interest (which I really hope it will as I am quite excited about it), I would love to set up a community to get the ball rolling.

How it would work is you would fill out a form in a comment that looks similar to this one:

Author/Preferred penname:
Genres Willing to Write:
Genres Unwilling to Write:
Willing/Unwilling to Write: (e.g. explicit sex scenes, blood/gore, zombies)
What Story You Want: (where the individual would fill out a little plot bunny, genres, male/female characters, pretty much whatever the person would like someone else to write about)

After you fill out the form, the moderators would pair you up with another author whose form matches yours. The magic is that Person A could write a story for Person B, but Person C is writing a story for Person A, so it's not just between two authors. The pairings are kept confidential until the reveal date of the stories.

The exchanges I've been apart of have been anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to complete the story, so you do have time to write. Even if you don't want to write, you could volunteer to be an editor, or you could write and edit! Totally up to you.

I love doing this with fanfiction, but recently I've really wanted to start writing my own fiction with my own characters. This is a great way to get to know other writers, get a story written for you and to write for other people. And if you have my problem, where you start a million different stories and can't manage to finish any without outside motivation, this might be your answer!

If you have any questions, or I didn't explain things well, please feel free to ask! :)

*mods, I hope this was okay to post! If not, delete at your discretion. Crossposted to fiction_writers
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The Selected - Final Chapter [11 Oct 2015|11:46pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 7 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

`You two have an important choice ahead of you.`
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The Selected - Chapter Six [11 Oct 2015|11:45pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 6 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

`You must answer a question.`
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The Selected - Chapter Five [11 Oct 2015|04:00pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 5 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

`The Grand Test will begin now`
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Book Review: The Partner by John Grisham [27 Sep 2015|03:24pm]

Lies and treachery marked the life of Patrick Lanigan before he stole a fortune and became Danillo Silva. Silva enjoyed a quiet life in Brazil with his girlfriend lawyer Eva Miranda. But he feared being captured and returned to the United States. His fears manifested one day when hired thugs apprehended him, tortured him, and returned him to the United States. While recovering from the torture’ wounds, Lanigan worked feverishly from his hospital room to avoid jail, with the help of select allies.

At first, Lanigan is cast as an evil man who found a way to steal millions of dollars from his former law firm. Once in the United States again, Lanigan justified the motives behind his crimes through dialogues. By exploiting legal loopholes and leveraging his plethora of intelligence. Lanigan strategically attempts to avoid liability for his past. But, his penchant for attracting traitors haunted him.

Overall, The Partner addresses morality and exposes a justice system designed to uphold the law can be incapable of holding everyone equally accountable. Lanigan can be compared to Jean Valjean from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Both men only committed crimes to save others. Both men later eschewed being criminals. Yet, their pasts relentlessly followed them.

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The Selected - Chapter Four [19 Sep 2015|11:41pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 4 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

Chapter 4 – Samantha

A girl is sitting in the corner. She has scrunched herself into a ball, and she stares at me with wide frightened eyes.
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The Selected - Chapter Three [19 Sep 2015|11:30pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 3 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

Chapter 3 – A Change of Scene

"What are you?" I ask for fear if I don’t say something I will laugh hysterically instead, and really that is not a way I want to die – laughing like a mad man.
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The Selected - Chapter Two [19 Sep 2015|11:19pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 2 of 7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

Chapter 2 – The Table

There is a table in the middle of the room, it is made of what I want to say is a sturdy wood. The table is heavy. It will not shift no matter how much I push on it.
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The Selected - Chapter one [16 Sep 2015|11:14pm]

Title: The Selected
Author: saraheblock
Chapter: 1 of 7
Summary: Gilbert Jones awakens in a strange place, surrounded by utter darkness with no knowledge of how he got there. No one is around. The closest thing he has to companionship is a robotic voice informing him that he has been selected. But what exactly has he been selected for?

It is terrifying – slamming into consciousness with no idea where you are, or how you arrived.
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Book Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay [04 Sep 2015|03:44pm]
Originally posted by authornwolf at Book Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay
Like children gone astray Adam and Eve destroyed their connection with God the First Sin.  However, if Eve had not disobeyed God, then paradise would have been preserved, if only for a while.  Through Eden Undone, Lindsay explores what would have happened if someone else succumbed to evil.  Christian themes concerning the importance of honoring God plus the usurping power of His unconditional love foster hope for humanity.

Despite being disobeyed, unappreciated, and disowned, God continues to love His children unconditionally.  In fact without His unconditional love, mankind is doomed.  Without God, those cast out of Eden and future generations are constantly angry, abusive, and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.  Those who remain in Eden honor God throughout their long and carefree lives.  They extend the same unconditional love of their Father toward themselves and others. 

Overall, Eden Undone is a well-organized idea of how humankind would have been temporarily spared had Adam and Eve not eaten the forbidden fruit.  Intriguing insights into human nature, a plethora of imagery, along with intellectual dialogue among God, humans, and animals create yearnings for the paradise one can only phantom.  As a result, unbridled bliss of life in Eden followed by heartache after Creation is forever adulterated transform into vicarious experiences.   
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In search of friends to promote with and get this party started [31 Aug 2015|09:26pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello, fellow writers of fiction.  I am looking for some friends and colleagues who would be willing to promote my LJ page and my work.  I would love to do the same for you as well.  I write a large array of fiction, including fantasy, sci-fi, tall tales, children's stories, literary fiction and adult fiction, just to name a few.  If you check my LJ page, you can see that I already posted a children's tall tale/short story, as well as the first chapter of a novel I am writing, Lost in the Tool Shed.

Lost in the Tool Shed is a literary fiction story that is about a young man who is growing up geek.  His name is Peter Rabbia and he feels that he has a lot going against him.  He is not too good with the ladies, he is "husky" and he loves playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and hanging out at the beach.  A recent college graduate, Peter is facing a week ahead of him that may very well be life changing; for good or bad.  His entire life has been based on him pleasing those around him and doing what was expected of him.  However, maybe now is the time for him to take a stand and carve out his own adventure.

I also have a Facebook page that I just started and would love for you to visit:


Add me as a friend and, if you like my work, please promote it.  I will certainly do the same.  Please ask me any questions you might have.  I truly hope you enjoy my work.


James D'Arienzo

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first try at writing? [01 Sep 2015|03:50am]



So for some reason, yasterday at 3 am at night I decided to log into my livejournal account that I hardly ever use.

And what did i found there? Why of course - the begining of a story that I wrote god-knows-how-long-ago.
And so I read it... And it didnt sound so bad! Naturally there were grammer mistakes all over - since english is my 3rd language.

But now I patched it out a bit, and even changed its status from 'private' to 'public'! In hope that it wont become a total embarrassment for me!

I even sat around fantasizing and added a few more chapters in 3rd rate english of course :)

So naturally now i want some sort of review, anything really. Even "Shut up and go learn english all over again!" would be good, NOT, but I'll really appreciate some sort of feedback.

So here it is:

Once upon a shadow
Once upon a time... or rather once upon a place, upon a shadow, a shadow that wasn't quite obliged to follow the rules of time, and would always find a way to fit itself beyond its nagging reach.

Some believed he was a coward, escaping his throne, vanishing to nowhere - where the time flowed differently, finding comfort in those silly travels of his. Coming back after a centenary or two... who cares? After all he was just a coward escaping his duties, leaving his younger brothers to do the "dirty work".

Heh, he was tired of all of that now, especially now, if now was even a relevant term when going through shadow.
A light broke through the shadow, so he took a step forward - outside, it was night, but the moon was so close so it was as bright as day.

A sound of rapid footsteps, and ragged breathing was heard.

"Ouch!!" The young lady shouted in surprise, she looked like a regular high school girl; long black hair, neatly arranged high school uniform, a backpack, and an advanced cell phone in her hand.

If it wasn't the middle of the night, and the girl who just run into him, didn't instantly turn back with a fearful expression, then he wouldn't even consider that something was out of the ordinary.

But so it occurred that the moment the girl turned around to look behind her back, a pair of black bubbling things has appeared from just around the corner, following a sickening sweet smell of rotten meat and fresh blood.

"Run." She mumbled, or at least tried to, as her voice betrayed her turning into a weak whisper.
He wasn't sure which world he ended up on now, but the idea of running from the unknown, and into more unknown; wasn't very appealing, so he scouted his mind around for some information.

The black things didn't provide much, all there was in them was thirst and hunger; the girl however was panicking in her mind: apparently she was a 'normal human being', and those things were 'ghouls', sent by her classmate - a 'vampire', after she rejected his offer for a date. As a 'normal human being' she was not supposed to know that her classmate is a vampire, much less be able to handle his minions, and now she even involved an unrelated bystander, 'who has probably never seen a ghoul in his life!' Or so she thought.
'So basically she has no clue how to handle them'. He sighed in his mind. 'Well whatever goes, goes. Might as well figure out things by myself for a change.' He took a step toward the bubbling black things, which despite the term "ghouls" looked more like bloodthirsty slime mobs from a lame MMRPG.

"Wait! What do you think you're doing? You're going to get killed!" She tagged at his sleeve, trying to pull him away from the mobs, which by now were surprisingly close.

With a slightly wicked grin, he waved his hand horizontally, performing the act of gripping something - halfway through the motion the area in front and within his hand has significantly darkened and formed into a solid black weapon, a scythe.

Wielding this newly formed shadow-scythe he swiftly slashed the two ghouls in half within one motion.
The bubbling has stopped; the ghouls cased their advance toward them and collapsed on the floor, after a few moments disintegrating into puddles of meat and blood.

'So this is it? And here I thought they would be a little more challenging' He pondered. Behind him the girl gasped in surprise.
He turned, she backed off, letting go of his sleeve, clearly afraid of him now.

"Relax" His voice came out deep and smooth, "I'm not going to hurt you. If you would kindly point my way to the Kiryuin Academy, I would gladly leave, without mentioning this 'incident' to anyone" He gave her his best 'reassuring' smile, while his eyes took a soft blue color.
She blushed, suddenly flustered from the attention of the young handsome man, and after a brief moment of studying him she said -"It’s that way" while pointing toward the eastern part of the road.

"Thanks" he replied. "Be careful on your way home" He added as he turned away.
"You too!" she cheered, "Thank you for saving me!" and so footsteps were heard again, as she started heading back home.
To tell the truth he didn't need directions, after all a few minutes earlier he didn't even know that there’s an academy close by, he simply picked the knowledge from the panicking young girl's mind during the fight.

Apparently this town. No. This world - was a regular human world. But there were monsters in it, monsters that blended in as humans, hiding their true nature, and this "Kiryuin Academy" was where they taught their young how to blend in. Of course, there were normal humans in there as well - for practices sake.

And thus he decided that it would be a very entertaining place to stay at. As a teacher.
He did stuff like that in the past, he joined and studied material arts, magic, shadow summoning and other things as a student in different worlds, but this time he decided to be a teacher, after all that was who he was back at home.

*hides in hope and total embarrassment*

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help a writer out! [31 Aug 2015|01:18am]


Ok, so here’s the thing:

As I was looking through my folders I found the first chapter of an old story I wrote in English a few years ago (I remember even posting an early draft of it in this community).

Naturally it was laughably bad, no shock here, but instead of deleting it I found myself.. actually re-writing it. And when I finished it suddenly clicked in my head and I finally realized why I didn’t like how I originally wrote it years ago. The chapter was basically.. useless. You couldn’t clearly tell what type of story, place, mood, or theme it was trying to express.

I re-wrote the chapter again with this discovery in mind.

And now I have a little request for any kind soul who’s interested:

If you read this chapter, can you tell me if you were able to gather enough information from it about the story/mood/theme ect?

As in: can you guess - just by reading this chapter - what kind of story/genre it is?

Did it leave you with an idea of of what is going on and how the rest story will probably take off?

I really want to see how my writing in English has improved (English is my second language) and I’d really appreciate it if you helped me out!

Hate tastes delicious.

Tastes like sickness, tastes like vomit.

He was choking on his own hate.


He was hungry.

This was not a novel sensation.

Huger has become a second nature to him, never fading away.

It would only either decrease to the point where he can pretend to ignore it, or it would intensify and goes up up up inside him and all around him until it reduces his whole being to a single instinct: hunt, eat, and survive.

Killing made him hungrier than usual.

However, in this moment, the sight of the decayed, headless corpse under his feet was almost enough to put him out of his appetite.

No matter how long he gazed at “it” he could not - still - believe that this decayed thing had been dead – truly dead - for less than a minute.

“It” attacked him from behind, and he did not appreciate the surprise.

“It” probably was hungry too.

Three weeks ago.. it all began three weeks ago.. and I still can’t force myself to believe it..

How many of these "things" are now? and how many of us left?

He choked back something between a laugh and a sob.

"Us" and "Them"? .. you don't blong in either catogary, you sad fuck..

He gazed at the splattered remains for a little while longer; until his stomach rumbled again with a sharp ache of animalistic hunger.

His rifle clicked empty and he reloaded it as fast as he could, his finger slightly trembling all the while, and then scanned his surroundings once again with strained, bloodshot eyes.

He stared stupidly at the piles and piles of food laid out in front of him, his muscles were tense and sore, and his head was spinning with a slowly building -and barely contained- rage.

Just grape anything! Just try it out!

He bite his lower lip, bitterly tasting his own blood, and rubbed his eyes furiously.

When he opened them again, something at the corner of his vision caught his attention. He leaned in for a closer look.

There was a big, shiny plastic bag with some words written on it in bright colors.

“Beef Jerky Sticks”, he let the whole words roll slowly in his tongue, as if to taste how it sounded.

He shook his head, disgusted.

He was still hungry.

The sick craving was almost tearing his stomach apart.

A pretty, boyish face formed in his mind's eye, and he suddenly felt like aiming the
rifle to his own head.

I'll fall to the ground next to that "thing" and no one will be able to tell the difference...

This urge, however, vanished as quickly as the dissolving smoke from his rifle. And the absurd image of him somehow aiming a rifle at his own head made him chuckle a little.

He lingered there for another minute, a blurry image of 'that face' resurfing again from the depth of his mind, before he quickly grasped the big, shiny plastic bag and walked out of the abandoned grocery store.


When he finally entered his house - after a five, agonizing minutes’ walk down the main street - he immediately shut the front door behind him and ran around in circles to make sure the windows, the back door, and that damned hole through the kitchen wall were all firmly shut.

Only when his daily routine ended and he found himself again at the front door he allowed his knees to drag him down to the dirty floor.

The scent of piss and rotten meat filled the thick, dusty air, invading his lungs.

Once he felt secure enough he reached a shaky hand through his pocket, pulled a lighter, and began his next routine of lighting the candles hanging around each corner of the house.

When his vision cleared, he was not surprised when he spotted a boy with messy, dirty blond hair crawling in a corner outside the bathroom door. His slim frame was barely visible under the white t-shirt he's wearing, which was too big for him and baggy enough to cover the knees of his torned jeans.

The man narrowed his deep, dark eyes. A familiar taste of annoyance was tickling his throat.

The boy was burring his pretty face between his arms and knees.

Faint sounds of choked, tearless sobs were escaping the boy’s throat as he breathed in and out.

He wasn't shaking, but his breathing was sharp, forceful, and loud, his lungs painfully inhaling the dusty air, and he was exhaustingly gasping for more air, as if he has been running for miles.

But he wasn’t running; not anymore. Those days are as good as over.

They are safe here.

Safe… safe, safe, SAFE!

The man forced himself to repeat the word in his head over and over; as if chanting a silent prayer, and each time with more powerful emphasization, hoping beyond hope that it will somehow finds its way into the reality outside his head.

The man coughed to make his presence more noticeable before
awkwardly moving closer.

The boy began to rock his head back and forth in a fetal position.

The man’s long, delicate fingers - that had the scent of sweat, blood, and gunpowder - curled into the boy’s hair, urging his head into rhythm. Something smelled like fear was shaking the boy’s whole body.

The man curved a hand around the back of the boy’s head. His gripe was strong, yet comforting.

“I brought you something to eat”.

The boy froze at once then jerked his head up. Blue eyes - as clear as the sky of the deepest summer - flashed at the man’s
sickly,pale face. There was a primal, unreadable emotion behind those piercing eyes. The man could almost see a recent, unpleasant memory glossing over them, lighting them up in flames of naked terror for only a moment, before the boy's face became a mask of cool detachment.

The man waved the big, shiny plastic bag in his free hand.

“Beef Jerky Sticks”, he simply said. His voice sounded duller than he intended.

He allowed himelf to smile then.

His smile never reached his eyes.

There was only a
hollow, blinding blackness in them.

The boy’s intense gaze was still fixed on the tall, skinny, black-haired man leaning next to him. The way his eyes were taking in every inch of the man's face was almost tangible.

The man was still smiling.

“Fine. What’s your name?”.

It was stinking hot inside, yet a shiver ran down the boy’s spine.

His mask is cracking again.

“You’ve been here for six days and I never got to know your name. You must have one, don't you?”.

The man was practically grinning now, seemingly without even realizing it.

The boy's pretty face was as frozen as a picture in a frame before he slowly looked away and spoke for the first time in two days: “Andy.. ”, he swallowed hard. His mouth dry. His tongue slightly swollen. “R-Rickman”.

“Andy Rickman…”, the man said in a soft whisper, letting the name roll slowly in his tongue, to taste how it sounded.

It was delicious.
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Writing and Self Confidence [25 Aug 2015|11:59pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Over the weekend I attended Sasquan, or rather, the World Con that was held in my hometown of Spokane (Or Smokane as we locals are referring to it presently) Washington. The reason that I attended was because I am a cosplayer, and so naturally I am attracted to conventions of any sort like a moth is to light. I expected to find a bunch of nerds, have fun with said nerds, go to the Hugos and maybe not care too much about them, and generally just goof off.

All this happened, but something very unexpected happened as well.

I rediscovered the beauty of writing.

Now, you'd think that this would be something of a given as I just attended a convention that consists of the wet dreams of closet writers everywhere. I just don't tend to think of myself of one of those writers. That is, until last weekend. I have written a few stories, including one uncharacteristic erotica, a few poorly done comics that were conceived in my Otaku stage, and I even created a whole fantasy world. But I still didn't really think of myself as a writer. The reason for this is that I think of writers as those people that have amazing stories stuck in their brains, just waiting for a chance to be heard. I'm not one of those people. At least, I don't believe that I am. I have fever dreams of ideas that I get very passionate about for a short period of time, but those dreams generally die off in the sad way that good ideas do when you don't believe that your fantasies are interesting.

Another thing that happened for me when I went to World Con is that I met the great George R. R. Martin very briefly. The experience was mostly my friend and I trying to hold ourselves together enough for a minute or so to say words that sounded human. On top of that, I got the AMAZING honor of him mentioning that he remembered my Daenerys cosplay from the day before. (He also technically gave me permission for me to stalk him, so that's cool as well.) It was so insane for me to find that this person that begot the beauty that is A Song of Fire and Ice was so normal! I found out that he loves turtles, was a giant hippy, and that he is generally a very nice, down to earth person.

Being at World Con awakened a feeling of longing in me that I've been trying to suppress for quite some time. I thought about it for a little while, and realized that I simply didn't think I was good enough to write. This has crippled and cut me off from a creative outlet that I have successfully used to channel my emotions and hopes into while I was dealing with depression, And now, after more thought, I am resolved to force myself to not care about my self perceived deficiencies, and write for the hell of it. I'm going to work more on my fantasy saga, and let myself get lost in the beauty of the realm of Andulasia.

World Con also gave birth to a comic idea that the friend that met Martin with me created with me, and since the convention, we've been working tirelessly. I think that something in the air (Besides smoke) at the convention gives closet writers like me that don't think that they're honestly good enough the drive to accomplish great things, regardless of the little voice inside of our head telling us that our work isn't good enough.

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Startup Website for Writers and Artists [24 Aug 2015|11:01pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi Fiction Writers!

I'm part of a team working on a website that is going to start publishing works from writers and artists beginning September 1.  Right now we are hoping to get some more submissions.  The goal of the site is just to get some unknown work out there for others to see, provide a platform, and offer support and basically promotion for you guys!

Please don't hestiate to submit.

The blog is scratchandscribble.com.  You can direct any submissions to AJTrue@scratchandscribble.com.

Thanks.  Please spread the word to any writers, artists, musicians, that you know might be interested!

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Recommendation for self-printing? [20 Aug 2015|12:35am]

Hello fiction friends!

I'm looking for a website/business/service etc that will allow me to have my book printed in hardcover. I'm not looking to make multiple copies but rather just one for a gift.

Does anyone recommend any sites they've used that produce high quality hard cover books that would allow me to have just one printed? Thank you!

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